New to wd live and need some help

I have a wd live gen 3 that a friend gave to me, and iI know that it is an older unit. This is my problem when I boot it up it gives me the screen with the red circle telling me to insert firmware on usb flash drive. I have downloaded the newest firmware and transfered it to the usb as instructed. The unit reboots and tells me the unit was modified with after market firmware not supported by wd. Is there a way to fix this and is it worth fixing. I know it is way out of warranty but would like to get it going again. Any help with this will be much appreciated. I do know for sure that the unit is reading the flashdrive and have read that there is way to acess the unit through the network, but it doesnt show up on my network. It is almost as it seems that all the firmware was totally removed and the unit will no longer recognize the correct firmware.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give


When unofficial code is installed, the DRM security keys are destroyed. I’m not sure, but I don’t think they can be re-created.

Is it worth fixing? Not really, there’s so many better options available today (like Kodi on a RPi3 or Amazon Stick, etc).

I agree with Tony. If unit was dinked with it may be a lost cause.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is only $40 (or less if on sale). Kodi is a free media player app. that can externally be installed on the AFTS, but can be a hassle for newbies, and fortunately there is an Amazon-approved version of Kodi at the Amazon app store called MrMC (easily installed) which I use instead of Kodi today.

Yeah i have an apple tv gen 4 and an amazon firestick set up with kodi i am pretty good with a computer and setting up all my media stuff was gonna add the wd to the system to watch the movies i have on my own network in my wd cloud book but not willing to apend too much time on a device this old gonna have to look and see what is out there to do this thank you guys very much for the help

I watch videos, listen to my music, using MrMC (Kodi) on network. Not hard to figure out. If you need help, lemme know.

Ok can you still keep libraries for the addons and add the network location also if you dont mind giving the directions on how to do it that would be awesome

OK, not sure exactly what you want to know, but this is how I use my MrMC/Kodil setup for videos: All my videos etc are in Shared Video folder of my WD My Cloud NAS. ISOs and MKVs are in one folder, and mp4 movies for,using with IPad are in another.

From main menu of Kodi select Videos/,Files and select Add Video. You will be taken to source.where you will search for the source folder. If I want to add my ISO and MKV videos, I need to select Add Video source/browse for new share and I see some categories. I want to use Samba shares so ISO files will be decoded and played so I select “Windows network (SMB)” Then I will select the folder with my videos I want to use via SMB and this could even include mp4 video folder, so I would select the Main folder that contains all my videos.

If I wanted to view videos via DLNA, I would select “UPnP devices”. in this case my mp4 videos would play, but my ISO files can’t via DLNA. So, one needs to be careful what they select. This is the tricky part that can screw folks up. Ya gotta know the capabilities of playing via DLNA vs SMB. Just select SMB if in doubt,

As for Music, I select “UPnP devices” because I like the layout of this format. Again, if you want to play music in track order there was an adjustment I needed to make to make it work that way.

OK, enough info to get you started and be “dangerous” but you can always delete a share added incorrectly, so a lot of trial and error will ensue at first.

Perfect thank you very much i will give it a try and play with it the good thing about kodi is if you mess something up you can always reinstall fresh and syart over lol

Thank you again for the help


You likely will not need to reinstall Kodi, but you will likely need to undo some things you did.

Ok i am gonna play around with it when i get home tonight