WD TV Live Hub

Actualmente tengo un WD TV Live Hub Media Center.
De repente este se ha quedado con el logotipo de WD parpadeando con una secuencia.
La secuencia es:
3 parpadeos largos.
3 parpadeos cortos.
He pulsado el reset pero no hay manera, y teniendolo conectado a la tele y connectarle el USB con el Firmware no funciona nada.
Alguien tiene idea que le ocurre y cual seria la solucion.

Hi @Bablut

These issues occur because the WD TV’s firmware is not loading properly. They can be caused by the firmware not properly installing (often caused by a corrupted download), being interrupted during the firmware update process, or because of physical damage to the device.

This issue most frequently occurs when updating firmware on an already damaged unit.

Please refer to this KBA for more information: WD TV firmware update failed, WD logo is frozen on the screen, or unit requests a USB device with firmware to be inserted