Wd Tv Live (3rd Gen) Themes?!


I’m new here (first post) & I’ve had my WD TV Live Media Player for about 3 years now & I just noticed that I can add themes to it & such, I’m currently using the “Moochi” theme & that’s the only one that is available to me. I was just wondering what’s the process I’d have to go through to add some flare to my movie collection of about 1500+ films. I also add my own movie art to each film, hope that’s not an issue.

I’m also on Firmware 2.01.86. Thanks in advance & I’m willing to answer any other questions!

Virtually All Themes created by Users contain a “Guide” on how to install the Theme

example: My Theme here … Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]

Scroll down to the very bottom of Post 1 and you’ll find an installation guide eg. How to install a Theme {Guide}

Follow this guide for my Theme, and for all other User Themes you wish to install.

Note: you can only install one user Theme at a time. If you install a 2nd theme it will overwrite the previous user theme. The Default WD “Mochi” theme cannot be overwritten, so you don’t have to worry.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE! GREATLY APPRECIATED! Just got it to work & it looks lovely.

Quick question, how do you add images to your MKV files? All my files are MP4 & I add the cover art through Mp3tag

Thanks again!

External or Embedded jpg images will both work

External images require less effort … just place the jpg image next to (or in the same folder) as the media file. Works for all videos … mkv,mp4,avi,wmv etc etc


Movie Name.mkv
Movie Name.jpg

WDTV’s built-in movie info scraper (if it still works) will create a .metathumb which is just a jpg image renamed.

Movie Name.mkv
Movie Name.metathumb

Final Note: Embedded cover art jpg images take display priority over External images


Movie Name.mp4 <---- if this file has Embedded cover art the jpg image (below) will not be displayed
Movie Name.jpg