WD Studio II keep giving problem

After 1st post here, WD help me to recover the data, but 90% of data is not covered, the 10% of covered data hardly can be use…


“Good News” is WD replace the 2TB to 4TB for me, but the nightmare continue today…

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.39.27 PM.png

p/s: This replacement unit hardly use. Just use it as back up…

Did you try running WD RAID Manager?

What is the status of the RAID?

No, i didn’t run the Raid Manager.

My last Studio II dead and gone after I run the Raid Manager, 2TB of data is gone with it…

Best is, this unit suppose is the replacement unit for the dead Studio II :frowning:

This sounds odd.

The first time I’ve seen someone report issues with their drive after running the RAID manager application.

This software is engineered for help determining issues with the internal drives on the enclosure.

You should try contacting support for additional assistance.