Help! Mybook Studio II doesn't mount under 10.8

Help, i got 2 TB of data in Mybook Studio II, out of seldom, it just stop working, my mac detect the drive, but it just wouldn’t mount :frowning: even i had update to latest version of WD manager.

I had try to connect via 3 different Mac, nope of it get the drive mount :frowning:

Please HELP!

If all the computers have the same OS could be a driver issue

otherwise the drive is defective

can you try with another OS other than Mountain Lion?

Yes, i try with 10.7 as well, i had 3 Mybook Studio, First unit fauthy and claim from warranty, lost all the data. Second unit sometime fine, sometime gone off, that’s why i get the third unit to back up my second unit data. Did a clean format & update firmware for 2nd unit, and now it work fine.

But now the third unit is giving problem, inside got close to 2TB of projects data.

This is the same problem that i facing.

Mybook Stuiod II not Mouting

In this situation you can try a recovery software like Disk Warrior or Mini Tool Data Recovery

if able to recover the data you can attempt the same process that worked on the previous one

I tried with Disk Warrior, it couldn’t detect the harddrive.

The WD support is really s**k, keep asking me send to claim warranty, didn’t give me any solution to solve the problem :frowning:

Then try other software

make sure to test with different cables

even with a different platform like Windows

I tired Disk Utilities, Disk Warrior, tired on 3 different Mac, USB, Firewire, nope of it working.

The drive is formated to work under Mac only, i don’t think it will work on PC.

Best is, the drive just went dead after New firmware update. I believe is the enclosure cause the problem, not the hard drive.

After my post here, someone from WDC actually contacted on last friday to fix the issue, but problem it he promise to return call on monday 3 dec which it never happen. 

Come on, i had 1 Mybook Studio, 2 Mybook Studio II, all 3 giving me headache, I think is time to change your slogan!