WD SSD Software and Sata as SCSI device detection

I have an older pc that I’d like to upgrade with an SSD. I had previously tried a Samsung but their software is not able to work with devices detected as SCSI in windows. I’d say it’s just a flaw in their software. Anyway so now I’m looking at other companies to see if there is a company that will allow this very common issue to work with their software and SSD.

The “problem” is I have a pc where the HDD and if I use an SSD will be detected as SCSI by windows even though they are Sata drives. Now for some reason software by Samsung won’t work with this normal windows os condition. I’ve also asked support for SanDisk but I had to explain things 3 times and then they told me they are “aware of the issue and working to fix it”. So I’m not sure if that was just some scripted BS to get me to end the chat or they actually understood.

You see, apparently this normal and just happens with some chipsets. There is nothing specifically wrong and nothing to “fix”. It’s been happening for years, but apparently Samsung and possibly Sandisk just didn’t take it into consideration when writing their software for their SSDs. Guess I could go without the software and just use the drive, but it’s just something that’s nice to have and have work normally with a normally functioning drive.

This link from Western Digital will explain the “issue” I’m talking about,

So any of you using the SSD software for the WD Blue SSDs, could you check in device manager and tell me if the SSD shows as a SCSI device, and if so then does the SSD software detect the drive normally with no problems?.


the WD ssd is a sandisk ssd inside. (https://www.anandtech.com/show/10741/the-western-digital-blue-1tb-ssd-review) The WD SSD Dashboard is the same as the sandisk SSD dashboard just re-skinned to WD brand. The sandisk and WD dashboard, like the samsung software, will not detect an SSD if it is in SCSI.

I’ve seen screenshots on here of SSD’s that are detected as SCSI working with the WD SSD software. I just wanted to be sure. I can take a look and post those pics in this thread though. Thought some people might just take a look in device manager for me though.

Have you taken a look at the link I posted. I figured that if WD had known about this issue for so long than they would design their software around it or with the issue in mind.

Check out THIS LINK. The second post shows that it is detected by windows as SCSI, however the WD SSD software works perfectly fine with it and detects the drive normally.

That is an NVMe drive not a SATA drive. NVMe drives are PCIe so they are handled differently. For SATA drives they will not be detected if it is seen as SCSI.

The link on the wd support page explains why the drive is seen as SCSI. that does not mean that the SSD Dashboard will be able to detect it.

“Handled differently”?. The issue is how windows perceives the drive and how the WD SSD reacts to that perception. Yes it’s attached via a different bus, but like I say the problem is that the software I was talking about “Samsung Magician” has a problem working with drives that are detected as SCSI by windows. It doesn’t matter how they are attached or what bus they use. The only problem is how windows detects them and how the SSD reacts to that. Is the software “smart” enough to know better is the question.

That is not necessarily the case. NVMe drives did not work with the dashboard when they were first released. An update was pushed to support them thus handled differently. I just wanted let you know the software will not detect a SATA drive that is seen as a SCSI device in windows. I agree this is a software limitation but that is the way it is in my experience. I have a sandisk ssd in a computer with the same issue and it is not detected by the dashboard. Since the WD software is exactly the same it will have the same issue as well.

The sandisk software has been this way since it was released so it is not likely a high priority issue. if you want to see that changed contact wd support and make the request. This is a user board and WD staff do not visit that often so your best bet would be to contact their support directly. I am not promising that will change anything but that is your best shot.

Well this is disappointing. I guess I could just not use the software. As long as the drive works. I’m thinking of getting either a SanDisk or WD Blue.

Sandisk - SDSSDH3-500G-G25

WD Blue- WDS500G2B0A

Thanks for your help @drlucky and @WD_Admin2. I appreciate it!

Honestly I’m leaning more towards the Sandisk. Thanks again guys!

I have a Samsung 850 Pro and it is detected in device manager as scsi.
I have not had the problem you are experiencing.
Also Samsung Magician works fine.