WD Black PCIe SSD not returning SMART data


I just installed a brand new WD Black PCIe SSD WDS256G1X0C-00ENX0 drive. I cloned the existing system disk to the SSD, and it boots right up. Everything seems to be working fine, but I can’t get any SMART info from the drive.

When I run the WD SSD Dashboard utility, there’s no info in the SMART pane, just a couple of what look like broken link images. There’s nothing under “Advanced Details.” (see image)

When I try to run either the short or extended test, a dialog box pops up and says, “The S.M.A.R.T. Diagnostic Test failed.”

A couple of other interesting tidbits:

SMART Monitoring Tools shows “Unknown model,” and similarly cannot read SMART data from the drive.

Windows 7’s Device Manager thinks that it’s a SCSI drive (see image)

WD SSD Device Properties

Any suggestions or insights will be most appreciated.

WD SSD Software and Sata as SCSI device detection

Some PC’s have a setting in BIOS for turning SMART On/Off. You might check your BIOS and see if it is ON.


SMART is turned on in the BIOS, thanks. When I plug in a SATA SSD, it shows right up with full information.

SMART Monitoring Tools with other drives


For PCIe NVMe SSD, if you are using an iRST driver the SMART is not supported, this is a driver limitation.


i have the same problem regarding dashboard.
sorry i have another problem regarding registering (WD Black PCIe SSD )
for 2 days i am trying, when i enter information (always captcha and security ?!)
few days back i register a portable HD without issue.
i try to login with my email, they said your email is not in the data base , when i try to register they said your email is already there.

any help



I wouldn’t worry about S.M.A.R.T anyway. It’s really not useful at all anyway.