WD SSD - Installation Instructions

Here’s the link from support for basic installation:


I had a problem with this step:

  1. Wait for the operating system to recognize the SanDisk SSD.

I had to create a partition in Win10 Disk Management for Acronis to see my new SSD. (edit: I see WD’s Acronis now has an option to do this for you.)

On another topic, here is the step I wish I had to start with:

  1. Once the cloning is completed, the program automatically shuts down your computer and then you can move the new drive into your system.

Instead of just moving it into the laptop, I chose to restart Windows and look at the new drive and see that it didn’t have a bootable partition. Chased that tail for quite a while before giving up and swapping the SSD in. Then everything worked as expected. Boots in 15 seconds now instead of 15+ mins!

To open a case: https://support.wdc.com/support/case.aspx?lang=en

Scroll down for top 10 FAQS: https://support-en.wd.com/