WD Red 6tb WD60EFAX SMR?

Are these SMR drives? I cannot get any confirmed information anywhere. I cant even seem to get this information from WD support. Ive been told that this information is not available. I dont get it. Really need to know before try and add more of these drives to my PMR raid array.

Hi criskoe,

You can refer to the link below for further information.


WD will continue to invest in PMR, and other next-generation technologies such as tunneling magneto resistive (TuMR) heads combined with proven ramp load technology.

Hey john thanks for the reply but it unfortunately doesn’t really answer the question. Seems while WD may be still investing in PMR, these drives are reported to be SMR. One of the more reputable outfits that labels them as SMR is Synology.

For “reasons” WD won’t tell a consumer if it’s PMR or SMR. So your only options are to ask a certified reseller/integrator whom they do tell. Or just buy it and benchmark it. If it turns out to be not what you’re looking for just return it and keep doing that till you get what you want.