WD Blue 2.5" 2TB SMR or PMR?

Does the WD Blue 2.5" 2TB (WD20SPZX) use SMR or PMR technology?


They(WD) will continue to invest in PMR, and other next-generation technologies such as tunneling magneto resistive (TuMR) heads combined with proven ramp load technology. TuMR is a head design that provides greater signal output which translates into greater signal to noise ratio, enabling higher storage densities. Ramp load parks the recording head when the drive is idle and on spin up, maximizing available disk space and minimizing power usage, which results in lower heat and long-term drive reliability

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most probably PMR as the main advantage of SMR is increasing the capacity within the same form factor … so, when you’re talking about 15TB or higher, then yep definately SMR

The WD20SPZX is SMR.

Very good review/explaination on Newegg here.

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I actually emailed WD Support about this to see what the official word is, and this is the reply I got from a rep called Tacie:

“I understand that you want to know WD Blue 2.5” 2TB internal HD (WD20SPZX) use SMR or PMR technology.
Please be informed that this is an information available for internal use. Unfortunately, this information is not available for customer use."

LOL WD! Why the big secrecy?!

i think they couldnt get any info and thisnis the best answer they can get to you! loooooool