WD passport corrupted file on Mac(?)

Hi there
I had been using my 1TB passport for around 1 year on my MacBook Pro only.
I used the application ‘NTFS for Mac’ in order to connect with this model.
Yesterday, my Macbook Pro was freezing when I tried to import files via my 1TB WD passport. I believe I ejected it improperly.

Then, I tried to connect it once again but I can’t see/access my files at all.
The only icon that shows on my screen was WD unlocker.

My Mac also shows the message
The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.*

I tried using ‘First Aid’ function through Disk Utility on Mac and it showed this message

‘First Aid process has failed. If possible back up the data on this volume. Click Done to continue.’

I have tried multiple options but it still didn’t work.
Please Help!



You could refer to the following links: