WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

following up to help those that may be seeing this page recently in 2020 and it would save them some trouble in going through the thread. basically, regardless of if you use the define.js trick through ssh (i.e. symlink it to another define.js that allows for APPS) or you use the javascript way of tricking the browser, getting around the license acceptance in newer firmwares requires downgrading to version 2.21.126.

This version is available here: http://download.wdc.com/nas/My_Cloud_GLCR_2.21.126.bin

After this, you might be able to upgrade to 2.31.xx firmware and won’t be prompted again to Accept the license.

Does this mean the firmware version 2.21.126 is a prerequisite for enabling the App Install tab either through SSH or JavaScript trick?
Is it possible to upgrade the firmware to its latest version and keep all the “updated” apps?

The old method to install apps did not work. I had to add few additional lines of code. Just want to save some one the hassle of finding it themselves.

Works on firmware 2.41.116

On Chrome go to View > Developer > Javascript Console

Copy paste the below and hit enter.

document.getElementById("apps_function").style.display = "block";
$("#AppsDiag_Manually_Install").remove(); var input = '<input type="file" name="f_apps_file" class="file_input_hidden" id="f_apps_file" onchange="apps_manually_install();">Install an app manually</div>';
APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();

Happy New Year…! WD MyCloud still proves to be a bit useful in 2021 in addition to Synology NAS.


I have one of the latest WD MyCloud Gen2 (single bay) devices and noticed there isn’t much support for it. I have a 4 bay Synology, but love this unit as it is standalone and can come in handy as a download/plex server. However, the biggest issue with this unit is that the moment you install a 3rd party app (if you can find it), it becomes really wonky. Doesn’t sleep anymore etc. For simple use cases, this can be quite annoying. It took me almost a week to figure everything out, build the apps. I only tested this for a day. While it works for me, I have no idea what setup you have, so as always, please backup your data before you do anything.

Deleted the instructions and my first app versions. Please see the new post for the GitHub link. I’ll add the updated README in GitHub instead of trying to maintain it in this thread.


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work it for the latest plex have this plex version now installed

Here you go. I created a repo on github and added the source and files. I made a change. Now you only need to install one app DeepSleepGen2 after installing the latest Plex. I have also included a modified Transmission that supports Dark mode and works as an app on iOS in PWA mode.

I’ll add a detailed readme file to this when I get some time…!!




VM727:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘style’ of null
at :1:41

I tried this and received the above in response. Any ideas on what went wrong?

Hi. This looks awesome :slight_smile:

Will you be able to push automatic plex update through here? So I wont be able to have to manually add them to my website.

How do we feel about the latest firmware update?

Which latest firmware update? The one to OS5?

If one plans on upgrading to OS5 on their second gen single bay My Cloud, they should be aware they’ll likely loose the ability to enable third party apps.

Edit to add: Also note that there is no easy way to roll back to OS3. Instead one may need to use one of the various unbrick methods to push the older firmare IMG files to their respective partitions.

Well, I have already done it. The truth is, I am not using plex at all and I am updating it because of others.
I have moved my website and the statistics show me that .bin file which I repacked was downloaded 10-20x so that a very small number of people using it. Easier would be to simply show them how it’s done and stop updating the website.

I use Kodi on my Fire Stick 4K and it works amazing.

If I lose the ability, that’s fine too. I was looking anyway to upgrading my nas to support some type of raid 1 in order to get the proper backup function.

One typically won’t get RAID in any fashion on a single bay NAS unit. At most one might get some sort of software RAID on other software based NAS programs. If one wants true RAID then they’ll need to buy a multi bay NAS box.

For the single bay My Cloud the best one can do is use the Safepoint / Backup feature to back up the My Cloud contents to another drive or location. Or one can use SSH to create a script (using Rsync or similar) to copy My Cloud files/content to another location. At least one can on OS3 firmware. Not sure if this is possible anymore on OS5 firmware.

I meant as a device upgrade to something like Synology 220+ or something from WD in that price range and/or capability :slight_smile:

I need much more space than 4TB and would like a option for Raid 1 type of backup with it.

Need something with 2hdds at least.

The latest firmware is OS5? So, I have no option to see which OS do I have?

For the second generation single bay My Cloud OS5 version 5.09.115 is the latest OS5 firmware for that device.

For the OS3 firmware, the latest firmware version for the second generation single bay/single drive My Cloud is 2.41.116. In order to upgrade a second gen single bay My Cloud to OS5 one has to install OS3 firmware version 2.41.116 according to WD’s OS5 announcement.

Like always, one can see the firmware version for their single bay/single drive My Cloud version in the My Cloud Dashboard Firmware field box.

OS3 Dashboard Example:

OS5 Dashboard Example:

Thank you for detailed explanation. I am still on Firmware 2.41.116, so that means OS3 still.

For me the new way of installing app doesn’t work, but old one still does?



Does anyone know any app to record RTSP stream to MyCloud? I just want to set a separate strorage for it and let it record RTSP stream of an IP cam inside that folder only.


Just for test: Fox_exe file archive
If its works - i can repack all old packages to new “OS”.

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Hello all,

I’m owning a mycloud single bay gen2, just unbricked from 4 (dead HD) to 1 Tb thanks to Fox_exe method.
I just upgraded to OS5, it’s fast and, good news, the official plex apps for single bay is available on plex website.
Many thanks for your work, you helped me a lot Fox_exe and LaMpiR!

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Arcus will do this for you but idk if still activable somehow on new devices (i was having some license issue last time) and at least in my experience it was laggy and unstable

i’m going to install debian and hoping metioneye in docker will perform better

just for info, if i’ll need to replace the HD (is going to die as i’ve found it various time freezed and/or in readonly mode accessing via SSH on official firmware…) what i need to do to have a working device back? unbrick instructions? EDIT: yes unbrick instruction are enough PS. you must have an MBR partition table on the recovery USB, GPT will not work.

what will happen trying a dist full-upgrade from jessie? nvm, upgrade instruction are here Fox_exe file archive