WD My Thumb

Why can’t you just make one more My Thumb Drive to complete my collection?

I want a army green thumb drive with this design please.


My ideas was ignored by WDStaff. {removed} you.

Instead of addressing the question, the admin spent time making loyal WD customer angry. Dont know what the f he is doing.

These product boards are monitored by the respective product managers. It is their sole discretion to respond or not to posts such as your original question.

That team is likely to take your suggestion under consideration. They cannot give any information on any product that has not been formally announced.

As the Community Admin, I enforce the community guidelines. I took the minimal action for your guideline violation.

Im just telling u that this is the only platform that we were encouraged to talk to WD. And u r not engaging at all. So much for customer service, and i even bought the whole range of WD products and show u. Cant u just say something decent?