WD My Passport / External drives connector port

Hello all,

First off, this is my first post here, and although I’ve had a quick read through the guidelines and searched the forum for similar topics (I have not found any), I apologies beforehand if there’s anything that’s in violation of the rules.

Moving on… as I mentioned, I’ve searched the forum for similar topic, and although I didn’t find any, I did find A LOT of topics related to broken micro-usb connector port, which often times can’t be fixed and leads to data being lost.

Being marketed as a portable had-drive, I don’t understand why Western Digital continues to use Micro-USB Type B connection port on the drives, as this is very unreliable and easily broken. If you forget the cable plugged in and you put it in a travel bag, you can say goodbye to it, as it will inevitably brake during travel. It offers nothing in terms of robustness.
USB Type C would be a much better choice, or something similar to Type A.

I’m not a computer genius or science geek, so there might be issues with speed and/or charging, but I’m sure small investment can be made in order to research this further and move past the issue.

So… WD, can we get some portable drives that are more reliable and we don’t have to worry about breaking them so easily?
Thank you.

i’ve got heaps of portable WD drives from the last 10 years … none of them break easily if you take care of them.

people will still keep accidentally dropping hard drives … what do you suggest for that ?

mini deployable air-bags on portable hard drives ?

Yeah… air-bags and we can keep them on a shelf, wear gloves every time we come in contact with them so that we take the utmost care when handling them. Never put them in a backpack, never take them anywhere travelling, and never, I repeat never forget to unplug your cable from the drive, no matter how much of in a rush you are to catch a train or plane after you’ve finished downloading/uploading your photos.

Ok, problem solved then.
Thank you for taking time to write.

Hard drive manufacturers can only do so much to make their products sturdy and reliable for everyday use … they can’t be responsible for consumer negligence or physical abuse of the product.

Be more diligent and careful … and make sure you leave in plenty of time to catch a train or plane so you’re not in a rush … and try not to be forgetful, as that can affect many other things in your life other than portable hard drives. (example: not setting your alarm clock to wake you in time to get ready to catch the plane or train … or is that the alarm clock manufacturers fault ?)

Problem solved then. :slight_smile: