WD My CLoud auto sync folder

Good afternoon guys,

anybody has an idea how can i make my wd cloud hdd auto sync a folder from my computer?

Actually i have setup WD My Cloud HDD at home and i need to sync automatically some filed from my work computer. with WD My CLoud application i need to drag and drop all the time the files.

is it any easier way? like dropbox automatically sunc folder? so i can put all file to one folder and every some hours or with schedule they can sync auto.

or is it any batch file for that? with batch file i can put it to windows task schedule .

Any ideas or solution please reply

You will have to use sync software that support remote computers as a destination (like FTP servers). The Sync software would run from your computer. I use SyncBack SE and it works great on my local network. I know it supports FTP but I didn’t set it up this way.