Wd my cloud app for new apple tv 2015

Hi guys

Why don’t you guys think about building the My Cloud app for the New Apple TV. It really wouldn’t require much work as i’m pretty you are used to Apple’s Operating System so builing the app from what you already know, won’t take long. The New Apple TV will have an app store to.

You could even make a PREMIUM APP and make it very similar to the current My Cloud App, only this app could play any Video Codecs, with no limits (as the New Apple TV will have a decent processor) as it will always be connected to a main power outlet. You could even make some money from this PREMIUM APP and charge between $5-$10 and i guarantee WD customers will buy it, as i think there is a demand for this type of app already!

At least think about it :wink:


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If Apple TV plays any videos streamed to it, they would need to be DLNA videos, and not just “any video codecs”.

I recall doing what you want to do on my daughter’s older Apple TV over a year ago. We connected her Apple TV not to her home network, but to my wireless drive’s wireless signal. The Apple TV picked it up and we watched an m4v or mp4 movie coming from the drive.

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Thank you for your snarky response.

Your only comment I will reply to is this one:

WD could produce an app where it can play videos from VARIOUS SOURCES if its via DLNA or by logging into your own WD MY CLOUD account and uploading videos from your NAS device even if your millions of miles away from your house.

There are apps already like this; I use one. It is to accompany my ASUS router and is called AiCloud. From the app I can stream music, photos and videos from anywhere there is decent Wi-Fi or even via my data plan. ASUS describes it this way:

“ASUS AiCloud 2.0 keeps you connected to your data wherever and whenever you have an Internet connection. It links your home network and online web storage service and lets you access it through the AiCloud 2.0 mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone or through a personalized URL in a web browser. Now all your data can go where you do.”

I presume other quality router’s have this feature, too. Just don’t expect it if you use a rental router/modem

Sorry Mike

I wish you mentioned that first haha.

I just go over passionate about talking about technology sometime and I can kinda go OTT when I think I am talking to someone who doesn’t know about technology. But when I just read your last message I realised how wrong I was as you certainly know about western digital products.

I downloaded Plex, onto my EX2 NAS Device but the processors on those NAS Devices, aren’t powerfull enough.

The new apple tv has a lot of potential though and the DEVS designing apps for the tablets and phones (including WD) Can build a feature packed app that can stream all of your media on the apple tv as I know a lot of people who travel for business and leisure who take there apple tv devices along with them.


Warren, your apology is accepted. You have been a forum member long enough to know you need to curb you tongue (fingers) a bit more around here.

I have PLEX installed on my newish My Cloud DL2100 NAS; I also installed 4 more GB in it because PLEX and other installed apps eat up memory to run, so that may be your problem, not just the processor.

I have lots of tech gadgets, but do not have an Apple TV, but I do have lots of similar things including a WDTV, a Roku, a newest model Chromecast and a Fire TV stick, as well as Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle tablets. But, I do not travel with many of them. Instead, I travel with my WD My Passport Wireless drive. On vacations we can stream movies at the beach house to TV using the MPW to a Kindle, and it makes it easy to connect an HDMI cable from Kindle to the TV. Can also send Netflix from Kindle this way, too.

On my next airplane travel, I will have my newest toy in my shirt pocket for on the plane viewing – my Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick (flash drive) I can put movies, music on it and view on tablet to make the trip more pleasant without fumbling around with larger portable wireless hard drives on plane. Tech toys make life more fun.

Hey WD

Do you have any plans to create an Apple TV App?

Just look at the amount of views this thread has had in such a short period of time!

People are really interested in seeing an app for the Apple TV.

You would get a huge advantage over your competitors by building one :wink:

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What exactly would a WD app do for your Apple TV, and how would you use it? Doesn’t Apple have an app for it? It’s their product, not WD’s.

I can already access devices on my network that are shared without needing an app from WD. Do things such as access my Cloud NAS, WDTV attached drives, WD Passport Wireless, drives, computers, drives on, and inside, routers, and if I had an Apple TV, I could access it, too – all this without using a WD My Cloud app – there are other apps that can do all this. You can do same.
The My Cloud app is specific to WD products; not any other company’s products.

A WD My Cloud App would make it that much easier for people to access there NAS content. Yes I know there are other apps out there but there only good if your within your home and on the same wifi network. What about the people that travel with there Apple TV (2015 model) and want to access there pictures or movies whilst away. Can you tell me an app that can do that, which CAN ACCESS your WD NAS device whilst away from your home?

Well, not true. I neglected to add to my above message “And this goes for remote access as well”. I can access them all with a few apps I have. I’ll tell you in a moment what they are: So again, why doesn’t Apple have an app that can do this for their device? Answer is, because they likely don’t want to!

Now, the apps that I have that can do this all work at home. of course, but some will work if I am in Timbuktu, Mali or even Timbuctoo, Calif.

My Asus router has an app named AiCloud for both iOS and Android devices that allows for remote access of my shared-on-network devices.

For iOS devices: I have FileBrowser that can be setup for remote access, I never have done so, because I have other apps that can.

For Android devices, I believe Bubble/UPnP can be set up for remote access.

I am sure there must be other apps for remote access, but since I don’t need them, I haven’t gone looking for them. So, if you want remote access of any devices, including WD ones, plus others, then get a router that allows for this. Asus is one of many routers that enable this without any hassle. I think Netgear has an app for this, but I believe one needs to use a Netgear drive. That’s pretty useless.
Also, what’s on your Apple TV that you can’t reach using My Cloud app? If you can reach the NAS, that seems good enough. Again, this whole thing appears to be an Apple issue, not a WD issue. Especially if one travels with their Apple TV.

I sure don’t travel with my WDTV. I travel with a WD My Passport Wireless drive (MPW), or a Seagate wireless drive, and a Kindle tablet that has an HDMI out port. I can have the Kindle receive a movie from the MPW drive OR use the AiCloud app on Kindle to get something from my home NAS (if the local Internet is any good for streaming HD video; of which most aren’t), play movie on Kindle, and port the HDMI out directly into a TV. One can also travel with a $30 Chromecast or $40 Fire TV stick, too. Traveling with a nearly $200 Apple TV seems a bit too risky for me.

Well your wrong Mike. My question to WD is for an Apple TV app that can access your NAS device EASILY and be in away ■■■■■ proof just like the WD MyCloud App for the iPhone and the the android phones.

The whole point of apps is for an easy straight forward way for people to use of all ages

I highly doubt a lot of people can figure out a way to set up remote access via there routers and trying to get your router to do that can be troublesome and I know a lot of people that travel with there Apple TV just because you don’t doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a deman for a WD Apple TV app.

Why shouldn’t WD make an app for the Apple TV? Just because the Apple TV as it stands currently suites your needs doesn’t mean it suites the needs of millions of other people.

By you saying why should WD make an app for the Apple TV is a rubbish statement. Some people might say why should WD make any apps at all but WD do and it wouldn’t be hard for WD Devs to make one,

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Oh, WD should make apps for Apple devices? To use your expression, “rubbish”. As a WD customer, I don’t think they should be wasting time making apps for Apple TVs. Heck, they don’t even make an app for the WDTV to access the NAS. Well, actually they do in a way (but not with an app), because the WDTV can access the network where things like a My Cloud and other devices can be found residing on my network.

Look, I answered your question about what apps can be used, you came up with cr*p that most people can’t do this ; well that’s their problem if they can or can’t.

The bottom line is that APPLE should make an app that lets Apple TV owners access their NAS at home when they travel to show movies, etc on their Apple TV in a different location. Well, this involves two different networks and remotely would be more difficult than may be possible.

An Apple TV can access a network, any network, right? So, if you have a wireless drive from WD, (or Seagate) with media files on it, the Apple TV can access the wireless signal from that wireless drive.and send the movie to the Apple TV connected to a TV, and you watch the movie on TV. How do I know? Because I have done exactly this when visiting someone with an Apple TV. The Apple TV can be connected to another network ( any network; including one created by a wireless drive) other than the home network, ya know.

I can see you really don’t completely understand a lot of this, but if you read it carefully perhaps you will eventually get it.

All one needs is a wireless drive with media on it, an Apple TV and a TV, and the job gets done, and there is NO internet involved. People do this all the time with their wireless drive – this is one big reason wireless drives even exist. It’s so your media can be with you anywhere, and NO internet required, either.

I have explained this the best I can for you. You are barking up the wrong tree by insisting WD “make an app” for this situation.

Goodbye; good luck. I’m outta this thread.

No Mike your completely not getting what I am asking and no its not customers problem if they can or can’t access their NAS device easily outside of there network. That sounds like someone who is just selfish just because the way you use the Apple TV suites YOUR NEEDS and that is the whole point why I asked WD the question and as you can see by the amount of views this thread has had, PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN AN APP FOR THEIR APPLE TV!

We live in a world where we want access to things quick and easily and thank God we have apps that help us do that and the amount of views this thread has had PROVES that.

To be honest my question was to WD not yourself and I only want answers from WD, not you!

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Oh, I completely get it. You want to play from your NAS to an Apple TV, remotely. If you don’t like the choice of solutions I posed to you, fine.

Here is another solution for you to reject: You don’t even need an Apple TV!How’s that!
If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you access the My Cloud app with one of these devices. Using an iOS device, you access a movie from your NAS with My Cloud app and get it playing on the device, and you have one of the handy-dandy Apple Digital A/V Adapter cables that fits the input of your phone or pad and with an HDMI connector on the other end of it. You may need to add a very short HDMI cable to one end so you can connect to Apple cable and then on to TV’s HDMI input. Duh, movie is on TV.

So, where is the Apple TV? It is at home; you didn’t need it! BTW, if you try this, test it out at home before you go on the road with it. These solutions are available because it is difficult to get a movie onto a TV under every conceivable condition. Suggest you try to use one of the many methods of doing this. Of course, if APPLE, (not WD) made an app to get movies onto their Apple TV, none of the other methods would be necessary. Asking WD to make an app for Apple TV is like asking Apple to make an app for getting movies onto a WDTV. Both requests are nonsense.

Since you posted in a PUBLIC forum, anyone can post a reply, and they often do. And, if people like the idea, they usually tell the poster that they do and vote the idea “up”. Notice that WD didn’t even reply to you yet. If you really want to get in touch with them, then write to WD Support directly. Good luck with your request.

No more good ideas and solutions for you; you don’t really appreciate the help you have received. Hopefully, my solutions will benefit others with similar problems. This time I am really outta here for good!

Hi guys

Any update on a Apple TV app yet?

my cloud app for appletv would be great, but again… how many atv users are there using wd nases/suitable drives?

and dont forget that you already have wd app in your phone/tablet and you can airplay your content to atv.

there are few problems:

  1. how would you connect your atv to the network when you are not at home?
  2. how would you know which protocols and ports are open in the quest network? what if there is only http/80 open?
  3. if wd start using codecs, they need to pay license fees. aac/ac3/dts/etc arent free for public use.

and for 5-10dollars there are already premium alternatives with codecs: mrmc, infuce and free vlc for atv. but you need to configure your router/modem to be accessible from outside.

I agree we need a WD mycloud app for the new Apple TV since it supports apps. I have access to 3 WD mycloud drives one on my network and two at friends homes. It would be nice to access them from an app on the Apple TV directly instead of tying up my iPad to access the drives and AirPlay to the Apple TV.

There curently is a third party app that says it works with mycloud accounts for the Apple TV but I couldn’t get the app to work so want to see an official app.

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Yeah that Easy WD My Cloud is an embarrassment to WD.

WD need to release an official app for the AT4.

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Amazing… no way from my Apple TV to play my music library directly from my WD My Cloud device on the network. Only way is to keep a PC up and running all the time, yurk!
When there’s a will there’s a way… is there any will at WD?