WD My Book on MacOS El Capitan does not work with latest WD Drive Utilities

I have been using WD My Book on my Mac since around 2013. It has 2x1TB. I have use WD Drive Manager at the time to configure it as RAID mirror of 1TB. I have two partitions, one for Time Machine, the other one as normal storage. I am using WD My Book over USB.

Since some MacOS update ago (I am on El Capitan now), WD Drive Manager stopped working. I have NOT been able to find any WD software that can check the RAID status, configure the drive, etc. I have tried the latest WD Drive Utilities but it just cannot detect the drive.

To be clear, the drive is still working fine as an external hard disk. But none of the WD software can be used to configure it or check health status. I am concern of something later, I would lose my data.

Do you have similar issue? Am I missing some software? What are my options?

Thank you.


We have passed this along to support.