WD live not network access via samba share


I set up a samba server at an raspberry pi.

smb.conf http://pastebin.com/31hXgNHC

The wd box can find the pi, but if I try to access the pi, after some time I receive a message that the network share can not be reached.

I tryed to set the guest access at line 339 to yes, but this does not change anything.

The samba user login for access to shared folder should remain.

But the box is not even asking for the login data.

I can access the shared folder via pc at smb://raspberrypi/share/ and my samba login data.

But I can not access smb://WORKGROUP, because there is a password request for the domain which I can not assign.

I am not shure why, maybe it has something to do with that problem?

FYI: my pc uses lubuntu (no windows available!)


Does the box support another sharing service, nfs?

Try the suggestions provided on the following thread: