WD Live Hub Folder

I see that there are a lot of questions about the folders on the WD Live Hub. I am able to see my custom folder images from my computer shares and I can also see my custom folders that are off the root on the internal drive of the hub. What I can’t seem to change is the root image. I am using the Titan theme and have a nice image for my computer shares but just get a empty blue folder for the WDLiveHub drive.

See the image…



Is it possible to set the folder image for the first folder that shows on the screen? I have a folder.jpg in the root directory, I have renamed it folder.metathumb, I have deleted the thumb folder in .wdtv, pulled the plug to restart the system. No matter what I do, the main folder image will not change and is driving me crazy.

Any help is much appreciated…


Nope – not possible.

Folder.jpg images for “root” folders only work on network shares.

Ok thanks…

I did find a work around a few minutes ago. Since I plan on using custom folders in all my directories, shares and on the hub. I changed the default image in the theme to the image I wanted which seems to work.

I am still struggling to get the nice resolution I see in photoshop… doesn’t transfer to well to my folder images, looks grainy.


Actually, folder images for drives (including WDTVLiveHub) is possible…

With a little theme editing and linksheet method