WD External drive electronics change

My friend asked me to help solve a problem about a WD external drive, with family files on it.

We have a WD5000AACS - 00ZUB0, WD Caviar GP drive. My friend thinks that the electronics of the drive is dead and we need to change that. The sticker on the electronics says" 2061 - 701477 - 600 AB XT 5F03 PWDL 7 0005170 8 175"

I found an eletronics with the same firmware on eBay:
Electronics from eBay

Will this electronics work with our harddrive? The dimensions/physical size of the electronics is the same. No visible difference, only the sticker (!).

It is hard to tell if it wll work or not…

That is very complicated, if the firmware is not the same, it will damage the drive further.

Check the link below


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Thank you for your help!