WD encrypted My Book & WD TV Live


I want to buy WD MyBook and WD TV Live and have some questions:

  1. Can I access on TV encrypted My Book by WD TV Live when it’s password secured? How I can login? By using remote control or can I attach wireless usb keyboard?

  2. Do I need to type password every time when I plugin My Book?

  3. Can I access My Book attached to WD TV Live over wifi/LAN? Is it visible as external HDD? Can I access it by typing pasword every time or remember it so i dont need to login every time?

  4. It’s possible to WD MyBook work with WD TV Live working 24h/7d (like standby)? Are these devices ready for that? I read that MyBook Live can work 24h/7d but there are no encryption support.

Thanks for answers in advance.


As far as I know the WD TV Live cannot access password or encrypted drives directly connected to USB ports.

The documentation says if you plug in a password protected drive, you will be prompted to enter a password.

Stand corrected. Never been much of a security/privacy freak.:wink:

Great! Thanks :slight_smile: