WD Elements drive not recognised through a USB 3.0 hub

Hi, can anyone help? New WD Elements portable drive not recognised when attached via a USB 3.0 hub which has its own mains supply so power not an issue. The portable drive is recognised and works fine when plugged in directly to the PC. Other equipment also works when connected via the hub. I’m using windows 10 with all latest updates etc. I only have one usb 3.0 port on my pc so really need it to work through a hub. Is this possible or have I just got a product that won’t do what I want?

it can be if … it’s cheap hub. (not made by a well known quality manufacturer)

I bought a cheap mains powered usb 3.0 hub … doesn’t work well with USB portable drives, or at all. It actually back powers the PC if i use the AC Adaptor … which is not good.

Thanks for the reply - might be the hub - although wasn’t my first thought as everything else I’ve tried (including flash drive sticks) work through it - have you managed to get a portable elements drive recognised through a hub then? Any chance of a link to what you’d regard as a good hub/ manufacturer to try please?