How many amps does a WDBU6Y0040BBK-WESN draw?

WD Elements 4TB WDBU6Y0040BBK-WESN

Please, can someone tell me how many amps this drive draws via the USB cable?


USB 3.0 draws a Maximum of 900 mA

I’ve got a USB Voltage/Amp/Watt tester and don’t even get close that under load (eg. playing a 4K UHD movie …420 mA)

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Thank you so much! I have it plugged into a Raspberry pi 3 b+ that can output 1200mA total through its USB ports (they’re 2.0). It’s working so well, I was thinking about getting another. Based on your measurements it might actually be ok, which would be nice because that would be two fewer power supplies to worry about.

Thanks again!

Personally, i haven’t connected 2 Drives to my Raspberry Pi 3B … even though the reading reached 0.42A for the several minutes i tested it, i haven’t done ‘extensive’ tests for hours. So the reading that does fluctuate, may reach a higher reading.

I’ve used a 1x Portable 4TB My Passport Ultra on my Raspberry Pi 3B for years now without any issues. (have another 6TB on a My Cloud for streaming the rest to the Pi)

Make sure you have a Good Quality Power Supply for the Pi (i have a geniune Raspberry Pi 5V 2.5A PSU supplied by Element 14) … a friend bought a cheap 5V 2.5A off Ebay and that can not handle a 4TB USB Drive … the drive just ‘beeps’