WD Elements 3.0 LED Lights up But doesn't blink

Good day.

I have a problem with my WD Elements 500gb 3.0 the led lights up but it doesn’t blink. and when i plug it in any PC it doesn’t show up nor pops anything. Already checked in disk management and it’s not there. Can anybody help me out. I’m planning to disassemble it and plug it in directly to my PC, any guides out there that could help me out with this?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Have you tried a different USB cable? I see you have tried different computers and I assume ports as well.

Yes. already tried different cords as well. I think the problem is in the board. I opened it and saw a burned mark. when i tried to plug it again the board heated up in less than a min. Is it possible to change the board and are my files safe?

Well, i have not tried this so I wouldn’t know, but perhaps another use can share some tips with you on this matter.