"WD Drive Utilities" update for Mac new version is blank" on High Sierra

While updating “WD Drive Utilities for Mac” version to v: Upon opening application It is blank, with no info. My MacBook Pro sees the volume on Desktop and Time machine also usable, however no sleep timer or health check & erase and partition aren’t available for use .Registered Product# WDBLUZ0010BSL 2014 “My Passport for Mac”

Hi Retiree,

Did you check after the reinstall of WD Drive Utilities from WD Support web site?

How to check and what to check?

Uninstall WD Drive Utilities and reinstall it from Support site as mentioned in below link:

Thanks for you reply (asp73I) I installed it new version …3 times as shown in the screenshot above. That’s the reason I had to go into Time Machine for older version which is running now from early 2016

In my case, the application doesn’t even open.
The same thing happened with the previous version.
I don’t know why this happens…

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This is all I see when opening WD Utility from Applications folder

I’m running into the same problem now, in 2022. Is there a download available of the last version of WD Drive Utilities that is compatible with MacOS High Sierra?

I’m in the process of replacing a WD Easystore drive with a new WD Elements drive. During the software installation process, it replaced the version of the utility that works with MacOS High Sierra with one which does not.