WD Discovery v4.1.270 doesn't run under MacOS Big Sur

Since upgrading to macOS Big Sur (OS 11?) WD Discovery won’t run so I am unable to access my MyCloud Home Duo drive directly from Finder.

When will an updated version of WD Discovery for Mac be released that is macOS Big Sur compatible?


Please refer to the following KBA: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/29822

Thanks, that solved it.

But… even though I had WD Discovery installed when running macOS Catalina I DIDN’T get the prompt that it needed updating, so that’s why I was still running an old version which is incompatible with macOS Big Sur.

The installer doesn’t work. When I launch it it “updates” by downloading a new version and displays a dialog box with a CLOSE button. When I click the CLOSE button nothings happens. The dialog box continues to display, and the installation process never completes.

Right, that’s EXACTLY what I experience. Tried it over and over again, keeps in this loop. Very VERY frustrating WD! Listen to us!

The typical frustating experience Western Digital keep us used to when a System Update appears in Mac !! Took my ages to see the desktop icon mounted when switching to Catalina and fear we are going to face the same nightmare with Big Sur.

Can Western Dgital take things responsibly and provide a clear and definite solution to the problem Gents as we are not “gaming like kids” with data. Is part of our daily work thus need a responsible manufacturer who provides a reliable software. Since I have updated to Big Sur I am not able anymore to use Time Machine because My Cloud is recognized generally only but without being on desktop with the specific name/user. Please Western Digital take serious action immediately. Thanks.

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Thought I’d just come and check this forum before installing Big Sur and… yep, exactly what I expected. Looks like I’ll wait a bit longer before updating my Mac :roll_eyes:

What a bunch of ■■■■ this product and software is, I’ve had nothing but trouble since I bought it (a failed drive, backup software that took - literally - months to backup a couple of hundred gig of photos, randomly and unpredictably dropping out of Time Machine backups and, actually my favourite, a software update that somehow stripped all metadata and organisation from 2TB of movies in Plex). I mean, it’s not like functioning and well tested backup drives and software are important or anything, right? I wish I’d just bought a raspberry pi and a couple of USB external drives, and spent a weekend working out how to do it myself. Certainly won’t be buying anything else from WD in the future.

Same problem for me. I’m not able to access the MyCloud Home drive directly from Finder.

And when I try to install WD Discovery, it shows progress only to 50% and then nothing happens. See screen shot below.

Very annoying and frustrating. Especially because WD said they fixed their software for Mac OS Big Sur, but that’s obviously not true.

Same problem here. Stuck at extracting 50%

I have exactly the same problem on my Mac Book Air when trying to install WD Discovery, it gets stuck extracting at 50% and then the window closes and nothing. Clearly a Big Sur issue, I remember having the software stop working with Catalina too, but this one won’t even install. Anybody solved it? I wonder if its to do with not uninstalling the old WD Discovery somehow, but there is no uninstall program that stands alone is there?

Have you solved this yet as I have exactly the same problem?

Do you have a resolution to this?

Same problem, gets to 50% and freezes. Tech sent email telling me to delete all old versions etc., etc. Did that, still exactly same issue! Just told them that.

I have now got it working on my Mac Mini, I still had the old version installed on it and was therefore able to use the uninstaller that comes with it to remove it properly (I.e. all files and folders). I then installed the new version of WD Discovery and it works fine.

However, on my Mac Book Air I did not originally use the uninstaller, I simply deleted the application in the normal way. This must have left some file and folders on the system that then interfere with the new installation, as it gets to 50% and then nothing!!!

The problem is there does not appear to be a stand alone uninstaller available from WD, I did copy the uninstaller file from my Mac Mini and tried to use that on my Mac Book Air, but it would not run or did nothing as a stand alone file.

So I now at least have it working on one of my Mac’s, but the other is still not working and I’m running out of ideas, has anyone else got anything to add to this sad story???

Mine is having the same problem. It gets to 50% and then stops

And still no reply from WD. Appalling service

no a solution?
all my Mac (4 different) freeze if I open WD Discovery. how I can sync and upload file?

Thanks for the link but it’s does not work for me. Just got a new Macbook with M1 chip (with preinstalled Big Sur) and tried to install WD Discovery a several times but without any success. Even the starting screen of the installer is not the same that is in the article you shared.
The “WD” icon appears in the status bar and the app seems like to work but I was not able to show my Home Cloud in Finder.
Can one except any solution for this? I don’t want to downgrade the operation system.




I´ve got BigSur 11.1 and when installing it gets stuck at 50% (no reboot option shows up to complete installation as stated in your link). Any ideas??


What a f*cking joke!! :triumph: HUGE failure by Western Digital! I upgraded to Big Sur on my MacBook Pro and My Cloud Home no longer appears on my desktop. Now I can’t get any work done!

I contacted customer support 9 days ago and had my case escalated, but nobody has gotten back to me with a solution. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled WD Discovery like 20 times.

I’m going to be returning my drive and marking it as “Defective” since it’s still under warranty :rage: The beta for Big Sur has been out since last June so there’s really no excuse. You better be reading this Western Digital!