WD Blue NoTouch Ramp Load Technology

Hi there,

I would like to know what is this technology mentionned in the title ?

is it the same as Intellipark with the WD Green and the 8-second head parking ‘feature’ ?

there was a problem on those drives when used on a Nas, you had to use the DOS utility WDIDLE3 to change the default parameter from 8 sec to 300 sec, otherwise the drive will have huge Local Cycle Count and because those LCC are limited, so would be the life of the HDD (like a few months only).

So any infos or feedback on this NoTouch Ramp Load Technology ?

The NoTouch Ramp Load Technology safely positions the recording head off the disk surface. By never touching the disk, drive wear is significantly decreased and provides better protection while in transit/movement. It does not relate to head parking behavior (Beyond position).