WD Backup software question

If I get an EasyStore drive can I use it to MANUALLY copy & move files to & from my computer & ALSO use the WD Backup software w/o harming/deleting my manually copied & moved files?

Hi @John-69,

Based on your concern please be informed that Easy store is a plug-and-play drive that comes up directly when you connect the device to the computer through the USB Cable.

In order to back up the data on the drive, we suggest you use File History in windows, and Time Machine Backup on Mac as WD Backup is end-to support.

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:

I have a WD Passport.
With the Passport, I can manually copy & move files to & from my computer. I can also make backups of my computer to the Passport W/O any of the files already (manually) on the Passport getting corrupted/deleted.

Can I use the WD EasyStore in the same way?