WD align, some question


I have bought a WD10EARX hd and I have some question about advanced format.

  1. If I install Windows7 64bit, do I need to use the WD align software?

  2. Can I use my Acronis true image home 2011 to clone my Windows7 and not the Acronis WD version? Does Acronis true image home 2011 support the WD Advanced Format Drives?

  3. If I log into WD website and try to download wd align tool ( http://support.wdc.com/product/downloadsw.asp?sid=128)) clicking the download button, I’m redirected to the  https://westerndigital.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp page without any download link. How can I download it?



i’ve got the same problem. The support via phone couldn’t help me, because when he pushed the download button the download started… He refused to send me the file via email.


I have the same problem.  I assume you have registered your drive.  I click on the align software download button and it takes me to another screen to login.  This is because this software can only be downloaded by people that have registered advanced format drives.  After I login I use the registration button to go to a screen showing my registered HD information.  This screen has a downloads button and when I push it it takes me to another screen listing the available downloads for my HD.  I click on the listed Advanced Format software and it takes me back to the align software download screen.   Click the download button and back to the registration screen.  An endless loop.  Called tech support a couple times but seems like the web site may be broken.  Level 2 tech support offered to connect to my computer and download the software but it would take 45 min and I didn’t have the time.  Eventually I may have to go back and do this.  Also I’m unclear if the align software is needed for windows 7 64 bit.  On the software download page it says that if you are using a clone installation its needed with any windows but tech support says its not needed with windows 7.  I’ll need to check in on this.