Videos won't start without reboot

2 year old WDTV Live Hub.  Recently it started acting up.

If the device has been powered on for any length of time and idling, I cannot get any videos on it to start playing.  They are listed and the folder structure is intact and browseable.  When I select a video to play, it starts to load, but never gets past the initial spinning arrow.

If I power off and/or restart the device from its menus, videos will play as expected.

Any idea what’s going on and how to fix it?

i’ve left mine powered on more then 12 Hours … videos still play fine (from the internal HDD )

where are you playing the videos from ?

Videos are playing from the internal hard drive to the HDMI out.  The issue was first discovered when someone tried to stream and it failed, so it’s happening to all outputs from the internal drive.

I actually never turn the WDTV Live Hub off; it’s always idling in case someone wants to stream from it.  

Hasn’t been a problem for almost two years.  Seems like something’s failing or something’s gotten corrupted.

What are people who move on from this device moving to?  I’ve really considered this a great product the last couple of years.

boy, if it’s never been powered off for 2 years or more then it doesent surpise me that it’s failing.

if you want to start from scratch, do a factory reset and re-format the internal hdd

what are people moving to ?

there’s a whole thread discussion here:

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