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To get you started, you can watch a tutorial on how to install themes on your HUB, HERE.


Since it  seems that some members have been having some trouble with trying to get Thumbgen set up,  I went ahead and did a video tutorial based on my written Thumbgen tutorial for Mojo.  I didn’t really have time to clean of the video, so there may be some duplicate and some spelling mistakes, but you should be able to follow along and get thing set up.  I’ll try to get a cleaner version of this video uploaded later.

To get the most of this, you should first download the written Thumbgen Tutorial from HERE.

Then watch the video tutorial HERE.

Just so you know, I don’t know if this is on my end or youtubes end, but if you start watching the video and it gives a gray screen, changing it to full screen (which is what you’ll need to watch it in anyway to see some things) seems to correct it.


Great Job!

You put a lot of work in the documentation which looks crazy professional!

Thanks DeV

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