Organizing Media with Moviesheets and using Mojo Theme on WDTV Live SMP

I have a couple questions about trying to organize all my media to make it look at it’s best. Sorry but I’m at my wits end and not sure where to turn. If anyone can help me with even one of the questions I ask it would be much appreciated. First my setup:

I have a WDTV Live SMP Model: WDBHG70000NBK-HESN Firmware: 1.09.10. I have everything streaming through the network shares option and I’m able to located the directories I wish to share which are:



C:\Users\Jeremy\My Pictures

My first issues is this: When I select the Video tab I see not only my Movies directory but I also see the other two directories Music and Users. I was wondering if I could hide this and just have those directories show in the correct tab?

My next issue is: Under my movies directory I have my movies sorted in Genres ( Action,Comedy etc.) I was wondering how to edit so the thumbnail showing each of these genre folders has its custom art work like in the Mojo theme video? Or at least under stand what filename WDTV uses to display this? Also one this subject, in the video that is showing the Mojo theme; at the main menu when selecting tabs it shows an image/animation when highlighting a tab, how can you enable this?

I am using ThumbGen and following the tutorial for the Mojo theme and finally have that some what figured out. Also a question I have is do I have to scan and have Media Libraries setup for the Mojo theme to work properly? Or is just having the correct movie sheets assigned to my MP4’s enough to make the theme work correctly?

Again and help would be a HUGE help, my girlfriend is getting pissed at me for not figuring all this out fast enough lol.

Ok, first.  To have Genre folder thumbs for each folder, you first need to create a folder for each Genre, then copy the thumb to that folder and name it “folder.jpg”.

Second, the reason that all the that you are seeing all your folder and not just the one’s with videos is because you haven’t added the network shares to your media library or you are browsing your network share instead of the media library.

On the SMP, press Setup on the remote, select System, then select Media Library, then select Media Libary Manager for Network Share.

Select Add network share to media library, and add your network share.  Repeat for any other network share.

Then press the Home button on the remote.  Wait for the media library to finish compiling, then select Video.  Press the red button on the remote and then My Media Library for the content source.  Then only videos will show up under videos and only music will show up under music.

As for the reason the video has animations on the Main Menu, and you don’t is because there are several different versions of Mojo.  Not to worry though, I am in the mist of updating Mojo, both with and with out the animation versions, so they are more compatible with the SMP’s latest firmware. 

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Thanks for that fast detailed response!!! I actually just downloaded the Darklight Theme and I’m going to try it instead (it looks awesome). You have done an awesome job and on top of that you have been very helpful!!!

I have another question, what size do the thumbnails have to be for the genre folders? Also, can I change the background normally through the WDTV menus or do I have to edit the theme’s xml? (I wanted to add a cool Thor image for the background lol)

Thanks again!

Also, can I change the background normally through the WDTV menus or do I have to edit the theme’s xml? (I wanted to add a cool Thor image for the background lol)

As long as a Theme has in it, this code…

Then yes, you can change the Background via your SMP Photo Options as described on Page 85 of the user manual

I have a selection of Genre thumbnails here:

You can use these or download them to generate your own, but these will be the correct size.

Also, can I change the background normally through the WDTV menus or do I have to edit the theme’s xml? (I wanted to add a cool Thor image for the background lol)

Yes you can as Joey stated, however, not with Darklight.   This is because of how I had to make the main menu and if you change the background image the main menu will no longer have the look that it does because the focused tab uses part of the background image in it.  So if you change the backdrop to say a Thor image this is what you will get.

Oh I see… Yeah that won’t look good. Thats why you are the theme designer lol. The only problem I am having now is getting the cover art to generate. Everything in my Darklight SMP Test folder works perfect. But when I make my moviesheets I don’t get the cover art to show. I get backdrop and media info just no coverart. I used your batch program and changed all images from png to jpg. Any ideas?

Yeah, as stated on the first post for my Darklight theme, don’t generate the coverboxes as .png.  You have to generate them as .jpg (and don’t convert).

(From the theme thread)

“For those who have used this theme on a HUB, or have a HUB and used any theme that requires Thumbgen, then you will already be fimiliar with how to set up Thumbgen to generate the data to use with this theme.  For those who are not fimiliar can see this HERE for instructions on how to setup Thumbgen.   There is one exception to these instructions thought, and it is IMPORTANT, in Thumbgen you need to set the the Input/Output Naming for the Extra moviesheet or Spare Moviesheet (which ever one you use to generate the coverbox) to .jpg NOT .png.”

The convert from .png to .jpg was for an earlier version of the HUB’s firmware which allowed this method to be used to display true .png’s.  But the later HUB firmware and the SMP firmwares don’t allow for this, so you have to generate them as .jpg’s.  So in the tutorial where it says to select .png in the Options menu of TG, select .jpg instead.

Ok, got it! I was misunderstanding that step. So does that mean for the Genre thumbnails do I just rename those to jpg? For example:

I downloaded the Xzeners Icon pack and they are all in png. Do i just rename them to folder.jpg or do I need to actually convert them using gimp or some other program?

I used your test folder for the darklight theme and noticed the All Movies thumbnail you have for the folder isnt reflective. Is that the file it’s self or do I need to do something special?

No, you can’t just rename .png to .jpg.  If you do the SMP will NOT display them.  They have to be .jpg’s to begin with, so you wil have to convert Xzeners icons to .jpg.  But they will not display with the transparency then.  As I said, you can’t use true .pngs with the SMP.

You can use these here which are made for my themes and based on Xzeners icons.

Action.jpg Adventure.jpg Comedy.jpg

 Download them from here:

Or you can use these here:

Awesome. Sorry for all the nOOb questions. I dont have much experience with all this. You have been an awesome help. Now if I ever switch between themes will I have to redo all my files with Thumbgen or is there a quicker way to do it?

Well, if you made sure to generate the .tgmd file, then you can use Create From Metadata and you can regenerate moviesheets & coverart for about 100 files in about 2 min. or less.

Yes I did create those

+1 for TGMD files.  makes life a whole lot easier.

I have noticed weird behaviour though with Thumbgen when I’m using TMGD files as the source for processing.  After selecting Ok to process, I can see the list of movies/shows in the background that Thumbgen is working on/waiting to process.  The first time I used TGMD files I expected the processing to go a lot faster than it was (it didn’t seem that much faster than normal processing).  Thinking I did something wrong I hit the ‘abort’ button and then after a few seconds a dialogue box popped up.  Before hitting yes to confirm the abort, I noticed in the background that the processing was flying at around 2 files every second or so .  I let it run through and checked that the thumbs/sheets were produced correctly - which they were.

I do this every time now I use TGMD files.  No idea why it happens,

So should I keep just the TMDB files in a directory by themselves for later use if needed?

Hi Tinwarble,

Just started using the SMP.  I have your TW Coverart templates (Lime, Purple, BR, Red, etc…) and am using your Anodized Trickle Theme.  I am familiar with Thumbgen and I can generate the coverart with the proper transparent reflections as PNG files.  But as you stated here the SMP does not display them even when the file extension is changed to JPG.  They have to be JPG to begin with.  I also have your No Cover template that when generated as a JPG has the desired transparent reflection.  My question is if you have a link to the same TW Coverart templates (Lime, Purple, BR, Red, etc…) that can be generated as JPEGs and still have the reflective transparent effect the way the PNG files do?  This way I would be able to use your Coverart templates with the SMP and still achieve the desired effect.  As it stands right now I can’t use your Coverart templates with the SMP to get the transparent reflections because they have to be generated as PNGs.