Video Thumbnail Size - follow up

Following up this thread (which has been locked):

All the suggested sizes on this thread still leave black lines, either horizontally or vertically. The thumbs along the bottom seem to be a different ratio to the highlighted thumb top left. Can someone please clear up what the native sizes of each of these are? I am trying to make custom thumbs for my folders and the black lines are really annoying me.

I am using the default theme and the (yellow) list view on the largest setting.

(but you are probably in a wrong forum?)

that was one of the threads I was looking at. I can’t reply there as it has been locked.

160x240 does indeed seem to just about fit the main image top left. there is still a tiny black line on left, right, bottom but NOT the top. annoying…

meanwhile the thumb at the bottom has horizontal black lines. the fact that the thumbnails are different RATIOS seems a bit mad.

Wonder if this can be fixed in a future update.

It’s still the wrong forum. This device has no themes.

Ok sorry I will post in the Live Hub section