Video file playback on Sharp Aquos

I’m having issues streaming any video files to my Sharp Aquos TV. They play fine from a Windows 7 PC’s Media Player. On the Twonky message board a user gave me an updated Sharp_AQUOS_TV.xml (located in /twonky/recources/devicedb/) to try out. Any way a “normal” end user can get at the file system on the MyCloud?

		<DisplayName>Sharp AQUOS TV</DisplayName>

hi sherforth…did you have any **bleep**ccess with your Sharp? I have the same problem that you have…my videos are not seen on the Sharp when shared with MyCloud, but are seen when shared from Win7 machine.

Did you try to ssh and add the profile? Did it work?


I just created an account here to let you know the profile Sharp_AQUOS_TV.xml posted by @sherforth works! YAY!

My TV is a Sharp Aquos Model LC-60C6500U.

My NAS is a WD My Cloud 4TB.

Thank you so much!