Very slow transfer speed (only to private space) - My Cloud Home

I bought a 1-bay My Cloud Home, 6 TB capacity.

I have installed the WD Discovery software and checked the low transfer speed on any type of file, video, image, document…

I’ve checked all the documents and I can’t find the reason for this low speed.
My question is why there is such a difference in speed between transferring to a user’s private folder (with WD Discovery) and the public folder (with Windows Explorer, without WD Discovery).

It doesn’t look like a network problem, as the My Cloud Home hard drive behaves differently in the two tests I describe below. Please note that both tests were performed by transferring the same file, with a Gigabit PC, connected by Cat6 cable to a Gigabit router. In fact, in test A the speed offered by the My Cloud Home product is more or less reached. My question is… why is it that using option B, that speed is not reached? Obviously option A is not useful, because documents in the public area are not visible in mobile applications or on the web. I need to achieve a speed like the one reached in test A, but in the users’ private space (WD Discovery). I need help, otherwise I will have to request the return of the product.

A) If I try to write a file in public space, using the Windows file browser, the speed is higher than 100MB/s.

B) If I try to write a file in my user’s space, using the drive mapped by the WD Discovery software, the speed does not exceed 18MB/s.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me. It doesn’t seem to be a network problem, since the network can be seen in test A that it can reach that speed…

Thank you very much in advance

I have the same issue, the only problem I can think of that is the hard drive speed is 5400rpm and that’s why the data speed on uploads and downloads are so slow.

Crawlerbasher thanks for your answer.

Yes, but the curious thing is that if instead of using the user’s private space (with the WD Discovery applications) you use the public space (with the Windows explorer) the speed is much higher, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem specific to the disk…

You also have those speeds with the two tests I explained? More speed in public space than in private space?

With this speed I think I will have to return it. But it’s a shame, because from mobile applications it works very well, it’s easy… but with this slowness…

I would like to see WD to tells us why this is the case.
And if there will be a fix for this.

I just can’t understand why we need to the software on our machines, we should be able to accesses the machine natively on our network and use the software for advance features like auto backup etc…

Have you experienced even slower speed on copying a file that someone has uploaded to a shared folder on the same device to a private space. I don’t understand how the data been copied from the same hard drive be even slower than uploading file.

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I also don’t understand why we need WD Discovery to move files (copy, paste, organize…). For settings an configurations, yes, but for daily use…

Do you know how I can contact WD’s support team? I opened an issue on the portal more than a week ago and haven’t received a response yet…

Because if I don’t get an answer I think I will return it

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I think its like that as standard.
I brought this because of WD been a well known brand.

But I could have built a better NAS for the same price buy buying a Raspberry Pi and a 7200rpm hard drive or even solid state.

I have noticed that when the WD Device is not spinning (Hard Drive in the device reading/writing data) that my speed has jumped from 15mbit/s to a high of 90mbit/s and an average of 50mbit/s which is consistent with the network speed of a 1gigbit connection over wifi.

Hello Crawlerbasher. Thank you very much for sharing the information you are getting to know about this problem.
I don’t understand well the conditions in which the speed increases: “…when the WD device is not spinning (hard disk on the data read/write device)…
Could you explain these conditions to me better to see if the same thing happens with my disk? Thank you very much in advance.

You know you can here your WD My Cloud Home Device rumbling in the background.

That noise is caused by the disk in the hard drive reading and writing data on the hard drive.

And this is why the speed might be slow, because the hard drive can only read and write so fast (5400RPM (The Speed of the hard drive)).

And at the moment on my WD My Cloud Home Device, its quite, so its not doing much read/write at all if any and this means when I upload or download files, it is reading/writing the data so fast that its means it can send that data over the network faster.

I don’t know when or how it stopped spinning down. but it is the only thing that has changed that has affected the speed of the upload/download from 15mbit/s to as high as 90mib/s and anywhere between 50mib/s to 70mib/s speeds.

I don’t know if you notice the noise your WD My Cloud Home Device makes.

Maybe the new firmware release solve this problem.

Hello Crawlerbasher.

Thank you for your explanation.

I don’t hear any difference in the hard disck noise between when I’m transferring (read/write) data and when it’s quite.

It seems that the disc is always making a very low noise continuously, at work and at rest…

Thank you Gas920,

It is possible… My disk has version 7.12.1-170.

I think the updates are automatic and cannot be manipulated.

Today I have tested it again, and the problem remains.

Using WDDiscovery with my user logged in, and pasting the file into the virtual drive that is generated by WDDiscovery: 18MB/s.

If I access the hard disk without the WDDiscovery software, using the Widnows network explorer and pasting the file in the “Public” folder: 71MB/s.

I don’t understand, it’s clear that it’s not a problem of my network… because the speed is really possible…

I think the problem is in the emulation that the WDDiscovery sotfware does to access the user folder…

If I can’t solve the problem by Thursday 28th, I will have to return the product on Friday… :frowning:

my version is still 7.12.1-170 as well, so its not the update that fixed mine.

Its just odd that you can get faster speed on the public folder and not on the private folder.
Do you have any app installed on your device like plex, because I was having issue with using plex so I have uninstalled it.

I don’t know if that was the cause or fix of the problem.

Hi! I could fix this problem after activation uPnP on my router and restarting MyCloud Home. Now I have ~100 MB/s transfer speed on Z: drive.


I haven’t installed anything… it’s the same as when I took it out of the box, I just plugged it in and created a user. In my case I just want it to store documentation.

I guess they ship it from the factory without installing anything, I’ll check it just in case…

Thanks for your reply slazzzy,

I’ve seen in some forum that solution, and I think I’ve already enabled it on my router, but nothing has changed… I’ll check again to make sure it’s enabled.

As far as I can see, that ~100MB/s transfer speed is using WDDiscovery to access the user area, right?

Before uPnP was enabled, did you have a low speed like I have?

Thanks for your help

As far as I can see, that ~100MB/s transfer speed is using WDDiscovery to access the user area, right?

yes, in user area with WDD, not in SMB Public

Before uPnP was enabled, did you have a low speed like I have?

yes, ~16-20 MBs

I didn’t see any another causes besides routing tables. After uPnP on don’t forget restart your device on -> settings -> %DeviceName% -> Reboot Device.

Sometimes my router lose uPnP table and i need reboot device again (WD, not router). After that all is ok again.

P.S. sorry for my English, Im from Russia.

yes, ~16-20 MBs

That’s exactly my write speed, about 18MB/s.

I could fix this problem after activation uPnP on my router and restarting MyCloud Home

I went into the router configuration and saw that uPnP is already enabled… I don’t know much about network configurations, but it seems to be enabled, as you can see:

I have restarted my router once, restarted WD My Cloud Home several times and tested again and got a speed of about 110MB/s in public space, and about 18MB/s in the user space with WDDiscovery… The problem continues :frowning_face:

In my networks I have always had the router address as, I have recently changed company and this is the first time I have I think this should not be a problem.

P.S. sorry for my English, Im from Russia.

I’m from Spain and my English isn’t very good either… The important thing is to understand each other.

Thanks for your help.

Mine is running 7.12.1-170 also. I don’t have the newer 7.13.0-160.