Hello. I am new to WD external network drives and I feel like I’ve bit off more than I can handle.  I have hooked up my desktop to the drive but I am very confused about Users and Shares.  We have a home network with my desktop as the hub and two additional laptops owned by other members of the family.  I want these two laptop owners to have the ability to back-up their files to the external drive but I am very confused by the manual instructions because it is not very clear that I can actually do this.  So, anybody out there-can I have these two other network laptops once the owners become users on the drive actually back up their files to the external drive (and not just their photos, music, etc. but I mean documents, etc).

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To use it correctly the my book must be connected to the router. Once you have it connected, any computer in your home network should have access to it. To backup your files you can do it manually (copy and paste) by mapping the my book on your computer (check the link below for the steps) or automatically using Smartware.

Mapping the My Book with WDLink.

Smartware download. (You need to install this on each computer)

Using Smartware to automatically backup your files.

Hi Alucardx23

Thank you for responding to my question.  I’ve done all the things you’ve mentioned, but my next question is this: do I install the WDSmartWare to the other laptops for them to be able to back-up their files on their laptops?  This is not clear in the manual so I want to make sure that I’m doing this right.

Look forward to hearing from you and anyone else who has an answer to my question.