USB-NAS backup job cancelled

Most of my large data transfers from USB to NAS through the NAS backup utility will stop with an status of “Cancelled”.  It will run for several hours at 96% complete (it goes up to 96% complete in a couple of minutes and then stays there), but the data is never copied.  I don’t know what it is doing during the hours that it is shows in progress, but nothing ever gets done as far as I can tell. This is happening regardless of the USB device that is connected.  Smaller backup jobs do complete successfully, so the larger transfers are the issue.

Is there a log file that I can view to help determine what issues I am running into trying to copy data to this NAS?

Currently researching to see if it’s possible to see the logs.

Previous NAS drives like the My Book Live did have that option but I’m not certain with this one.

Can you try tool like robocopy and see if you get any better with your large data transfers?

I am attempting to transfer files from USB devices connected directly to the NAS.  The USB to NAS backup feature was one of the main features I intended to use to transfer data off USB drives to the NAS without having to get my computer involved in the process.  I have not attempted to transfer files via a transfer initiated on my computer across the LAN (which I would expect to be slow given my current network setup).  The USB to NAS feature is currently disable on my NAS, and WD support has not been able to re-enable it.  So the NAS is just sitting here gathering dust waiting to be returned to the store.  I have one week and limited time now to try to resolve these issues.

I did find the following in an NAS email alert…

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudEX4 WDMyCloudEX4-16.Event title:Exceeded share directory monitor resource limitEvent description:Share directory monitor watch limit has been exceeded. Reduce the number of directories and restart the device to ensure all items are viewable in remote access.Severity:InfoEvent code:2300