Urgent - Can I connect MyBook Live directly to my computer?

My MyBookLive has been connected to our network router but now the drive location, previously “Z” doesn’t even show up. The MBL also shows up on “G” but has a red X through it and I can’t get it to open. The drive is operating, blue light is on, etc. Plugged directly into wall for power.

Can I connect the MBL directly to my computer so I can access the files? If so, how do I do that? It does NOT have USB connection; only RG58 (LAN) cord. I have a new MBL to install but I’m holding off until I find out what’s going on.

If your computer has RJ45, which is the ethernet type of connector just like MBL has, you can try to hook them up directly. RG58 is another type of connector for Coax cables.

But if none of the connections make the MBL LED change from blue, see:

I have had success in using a Ethernet-to-USB adapter to hook it up to my macbook pro retina.