Upgrading to larger hard drives on MyCloud Ex2 Ultra

i originally installed two 4TB drives in RAID on my NAS. They are now about 75% full and I am considering purchasing two new 18TB drives to replace them.
Is there an easy way to go about adding the new ones and moving all the data over? Or do I need to move the data somewhere else somehow before installing the new drives and rebuild the shares and all that over again?


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If disk fail you loose data in JBOD, but in RAID1 you not loose it!

Thanks to all for your help and advice. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your answers and how quickly you have responded.

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If you finally go to larger HDDs, you have to check your EX2Ultra AC power supply in advance.

Raid 1 is a duplicate copy of drive, so if one drive fails, you still have a working copy to recover from. with JABOD if the drive goes you lose everything with no chance to recover. If a file goes in or gets damaged on a JABOD system then that file is corrupted.
With an individual drives ability to do error detection & remap bad sectors elsewhere, it would be hard to scramble a file. RAID is made to detect drive faults and not corrupt the second copy, so unless the file going in is already bad, RAID 1 is not likely to introduce further corruption. So I am wondering why there is any “stealth” background corruption taking place, or if a bad source file was saved in a RAID 1 setup and this was not discovered until the next use of the file. MyCloud storage is handy for quick online access, but you still need a redundant copy of important files stored elsewhere. MyCloud is a resilient media but it is still a single source point of failure.

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According to your arguments, RAID 1-10 is generally an unnecessary thing… only backup … so why WD made NAS ???

Surpise- RAID needs for store backups!!

I don’t fully agree with this assessment.

RAID is a tool that could be useful as a part of an overall backup strategy.

If you have a Raid-NAS box as your ONLY backup. . .well. . . yes; then the “Raid fallacy” holds. IF however, you have a Raid equipped box as ONE of your tools - - → then it is a powerful tool.

Bear in mind that WD is not the only company pushing RAID based multi disk solutions. It’s not even one of the bigger players at this point. And some of the NAS providers don’t even make HDD’s .

In my view, NAS companies are pushing RAID as an increased differentiator for their product vs a simple external HDD drive. Oh - - and while they are at it; they add more powerful server functions (Plex/music servers; etc) in the fancy multi-disk boxes.

Whatev - - - I like Raid 1 (mirrored) drives. I don’t have many drive failures; but I have had more drive failures than motherboard failures. Do I need 100% uptime for my NAS? Heck no. But when I need it. . .I need it. For me; the price for admission is fair.

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