Upgrading to EX4100 from EX2 Ultra


At present I have MyCloud EX2 Ultra with two 10MB Red HDDs in Raid 1 configuration. I recently aquired a My Cloud 4100 and 2 new 10MB Red HDDs. My plan is to put the 2 new HDDs in the 4100 ( bay 1 &2) as Raid 0 the copy the data from the EX2 to the EX 4100 across my network. When the data is copied add the original HDD from the EX2 to bay 3 & 4 of the EX4100 (should I take the 2 HDDs out off the 4100 at this stage to ensure Data safety). Once the 2 old HDDs are formatted configure as Raid 0. I would then like to get bays 3 & 4 to mirror bays 1 & 2 as Raid 1. Is this possible if not is there another way

Thanks in advance

Hi @newbie4,

Please refer to the below article Moving Hard Drives From a My Cloud Enclosure to Another My Cloud Enclosure (RAID Roaming):