Considering a EX4100, quick question

Hi all,

I already own an EX2Ultra but am now considering a 4 bay NAS. My question is I have a pair of WD Red 4TB hdd’s from the original purchase. I also have 2x WD Red 10TB hdd’s. Is it possible to mix these in the EX4100 in either a 2x RAID 0 , or RAID 1 setup?

Many thanks


You can do 2 sets of mirroring using raid 1, one set of 4tb and the other set 10tb. If you wanted to stripe and mirror you could probably stripe using the two 4tb disks and mirror those onto the 10tb disks. I think that would be a waste though so I don’t recommend it. To mirror and stripe properly you would need 4 disks of equal size ideally. I have my own raid 1 setup, two 1tb disks and two 2tb disks.If you buy the ex4100 you can create jobs to clone the ex2 ultra data onto it, or do it the other way round as the ex4100 is a bit higher spec than the ex2 ultra.

Back then, when I bought my EX4100, that system did support at most two volumes: from which at least one had to be a spanning volume, containing all the disk space not assigned to the other volume for which of course RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 were allowed. To my knowledge the specs have not changed since.

Although I was able to define more than one RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 volumes, the system did not support that configuration on all error situations tested by me. Therefore: you possibly are on your own, when you do define more than one RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and an error strikes your EX4100 or one of your disks.

In addition: your two 4TB-disks are becoming old! What about mirroring each in one of the two 10TB-disks and combine both pairs within a RAID 10? One might recognize the upgrade-path to a RAID 10, where each of the disks holds at least 10TB.