Upgraded computer to windows 7 from xp, lost partition

Hi all,

Im guessing this may have been answered but I cant find it in here.

I upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. Connected my WD Elements to the computer to access my files and the computer asks me to format the driver.

It is assigned a drive, and whenI click on that drive, it is saying that the WD elements is empty.

I reconnect it to my TV and all my movies are still on there.

I connect it toanother comuter running XP stil and it is working fine.

Wontwork with Wondows 7, or it doesn’t like the partition whih I think is FAT 32.


Been looking on heaps of forums, and a lot of people are having same problem.

Please help!

You’re in the wrong forum.

This is the ELEMENTS PLAY forum, which is a MEDIA PLAYER.

The forum for the hard disks is here:   http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-External-Drives/ct-p/external_drives

Ummmmm, Im talking about a WD Elements Play. Thats what I have, and that is what I mentioned.

It is a play and has 1tb or room on it.

WD Elements Play WDBACC0010HBK

Uhm, your first post never said “Elements Play.”  You said “WD Elements.”  :)

At any rate, the partition on the drive (unless you changed it at some point) is NTFS, not FAT32.   But that shouldn’t matter, because FAT32 works on Windows7 as well. 

Plug it into any PC that it DOES work on and check the partition type to see exactly what it is.

Also, could you post links to these forums where lots of people have the same problem?   No on here has reported that…