Upgrade to OS 5 broke MySQL connection

I have hundreds of movies and TV shows and thousands of mp3 on the NAS and I use the built in MySQL for my local media server. The upgrade broke the connection. It appears that the database is no longer listening on port 3306 and I get connection refused.

Did WD remove support for using the built in MySQL server?



I just read another post where someone was upset about WD taking over his NAS. I didn’t realize what he was talking about until just now. I see that my NAS is actually being re-directed to “remotewd.com”. What the hell is this? This does not make me very happy at all. And I think this might explain why my database connection is failing. I do see the nas listening on port 3306, so that is not the issue, I believe that the redirect is what is causing my broken connection.


I found a work around. I still have my old EX4 hanging around, so I install phpmyadmin on it, created my user, granted permissions, then pointed my media server to it, and I am back in business.


With regards to the remotewd.com domain name, I don’t believe this is as suspicious as you may think. From what I have deduced, all they have done is mapped a real world FQDN to the IP address of your MyCloud device, presumably so that a valid TLS certificate is presented to your browser. For example, when I do a hostname lookup on ‘my’ device-local-…remotewd.com name it simply resolves to my local RFC1918 private net address.

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Vandelay, Thanks for the feedback. You are correct. I did an nslookup on the URL and it came back with the IP of my NAS. That puts me to ease.



phpMyAdmin doesn’t support remote access on My Cloud OS 5

Could you describe more details how to resolve ?
I used it for logging my home assistant. Now it doesn’t work anymore.

thank you very much

ahhh ok I got it.
I do not have another hardware .

this is the last time I but anything from WD too

Yes, you are correct, I had another piece of hardware that I could utilize, and I agree with you, I think this is the last item I every buy from WD. I’m am not happy at all with this upgrade. Not only did it break the accessing the database, but it also broke my remote backups.

Very unhappy.


As you can find on the below KBA, |* phpMyAdmin doesn’t support remote access on My Cloud OS 5 and it is restricted to localhost.|

That is disgusting. They push you to accepting new firmware and OS5 and then destroy the purpose of the device.

WTF is the point of a SQL database you cannot access?

I do not know what is WD’s product manager thinking ? DB without remote access…

Seeing how WD broke the database connection and it doesn’t appear that they’re willing to open the port up again, I decided to take the NAS(s) out of the picture completely.

I had an extra Raspberry Pi 4 not being used and I setup a MySQL database on it along with phpMyAdmin and configured it to sync my media databases.

I guess I was a lot like other here, I used the NAS MySQL because it was already there and I didn’t have to create something from scratch. But, now I realized that I should have done this along time ago because we’re at the mercy of WD and you never know when they might change something, like they just did.

Now I just need the to fix the remote backup issue that I have. That one I’ve opened up a support ticket on. USB backups work just fine, but not remote backups.



I experience the same issue here. I had a Kodi and Home assistant bound to my NAS’s sql and am now completely blind…
And I really don’t like to have a house full of constantly operating electronic devices, each performing it’s thing if one is more than capable of running most of them.
I even tried to configure the address in /etc/my.cnf file but it is constantly rewritten after the system reset.
I suppose that the “upgrade click” was one of the greatest mistakes in my life since it brought me nothing but pain:)
Can we do anything to push on WD to bind the port to all interfaces instead of just locallhost?

I can’t believe they don’t enable remote access to the DB. This broke my build. It makes no sense, why would I mount phpmyadmin only for apps running locally? does anybody know a way to rollback OS 5?

Same problem messed up my local database. Worst firmwareupgrade ever. I’m afraid there is no way back to OS3. phpmyadmin config is broken aswell since everytime i login (root) using the link via ex2 config i get kicked back to the phpmyadmin login screen when trying to click any option (e.g. status, settings, databases,…) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
If there wont be a fix until black friday i try to get another nas (qnap, synology,…)

all I’ve managed to do is:

  1. edit /etc/my.cnf to change to
  2. restart the mysql server by doing: python3 /usr/bin/mysql_reset.py --reboot

But this only lasts until my nas loses power. If you reboot your nas it won’t work anymore and you need to do it again. I’m not sure on how to fix this since the filesystem mounted is on ram (if you look at the output of: mount)

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That is so helpful, GREAT THANKS

Isn’t there any way to automate this process?

I couldn’t find any. I’m a developer but not super knowledgeable on linux commands. I think that the root is mounted on ram from something in the internal nas memory but I don’t know exactly how to access that or where to find it and I don’t have the time to dig deeper into it.

The problem is that any solution to get around these issues revolves around scripting in fixes that get reverted on a reboot or power loss.

I’ve had issues with this in the past when it came to keeping my NAS connected through a VPN, and there’s no real way to automate it as the filesystem is completely flashed back to default every time on boot and loaded back in fresh without the scripts running.

There’s no real way to automate restarting of the scripts on boot that I’ve found so far.