Upgrade FW from 1.05.36 to 2.10.30?

I have a WD Cloud EX4 NAS running FW ver 1.05.36. It’s configured with 4x4TB WD RED drives in a RAID 5 configuration, which acts as a repository for my personal digital content (Music, Photos, videos, etc.)

The device is always active, with constant disk activity. When Idle, CPU utilization is consistently over 99% CPU utilization when idle on the network. Typically there are over 60 processes running, over 20 httpd processes, some of which consume between 12 and 40% CPU.

I’m able to stream content (audio streaming to my Audiotron, videos and photos to my Kodi client, etc.) w/o any issues.

I’m running as static IP, had have turned off the following services: Cloud Service, Dashboard Cloud Access, Time Machine, Media Streaming, iTunes, AFP, WebDAV, SNMP, DDNS, Local Master Browser, DFS, Active Directory, LLTD Remote Server.

FW version 2.10.30 is now available. From some posts on this forum, it sounds as if this FW has made performance worse. In general, improved performance is rewarded by silence. I’m hoping that some readers may provide feedback on their experience, given similar use/configuration.

Thoughts/insight/feedback welcomed.

Hopefully some Users will be able to share their personal experiences. As for general impressions please visit the following thread: