Upgrade App Joomla

Hello, in my WD My EX2 app Joomla is out of date, it’s 2.5.26 version.
How upgrade it to latest Joomla version (3.4.7) ?
I don’t know how enter in My Cloud EX2 and upgrade manually app.
Thanks for your help.

Hello there,

in order to manually update an app on the device,on the dashboard go to apps, then you will click on the plus sign, there you will see a option to manually update the apps, before doing this make sure you check with the app vendor to see if there is a version for this specific unit.

Hope this helps

Hello, there is not a version for this specific unit to the site of app vendor but I think that exist a method to upgrade software in the My Cloud EX2 Joomla folder.

Sorry Fabio78,

but WD never (ever) upgraded Joomla, Transmission or any other of “Internal APPS” , also if it was requested by many users here.
And they will never do :angry:
So, better to move on some other NAS brand (just a couple, but you can guess who). Support for these issues and on firmware upgrades is far better then WD.
Othewise, try to ask to Cybernut1, here on forum, if still active. He did something just about Joomla, long time ago.

How write to Cybernut1 ? Do you have email ?

I have to say, Fabio78…you are incredibly lucky :slight_smile: Lately, I haven’t been coming to this forum much but it just so happened that 25 mins after you last posted in this thread, I logged in here and saw your question. I just a minute ago saw that you posted in my very old Joomla thread too - but that did not bring me here…it was pure coincidence.

Anyway, here’s the thing…I was able to get a much newer version of Joomla to workon my EX2 back in 2014. The version at the time was 3.3. But the latest Joomla 3.5 may or may not work with the latest WD EX2’s firmware…and I neither have the time nor inclination to test the latest version. But for your benefit, I will post a bunch of screenshots I took back in 2014 detailing my install process - but it is only intended for folks who are comfy with Linux and command line via SSH. If you don’t have that familiarity then I am afraid this isn’t for you.

I will post the screenshots below - and the only writeup I can do is basically say that you simply need to create a symbolic link to the Joomla install directory (downloaded from Joomla site and unzipped) inside the /var/www/ directory (usually for Apache and nginx servers this is known as web root directory). Anyway, here’s the screenshots - you will have to figure out the details by looking at them (the key symbolic link creation is the one that has a red circle - and everything upto the dollar sign is the current path - I like to always change my command prompt to indicate current path). And please be aware that I had taken these screenshots back in 2014…I don’t remember much at this point…so even if you have any additional questions, I won’t be able to help you…not mention the fact that I don’t actually come to this forum much these days (my coming here was a random stroke of luck for you to be here within minutes of your post). Hopefully this is helpful and still valid for newer versions. (The screenshots may not show up immediately since forum mods take some time to approve them but usually the pics are approved within a day…and I have already grayed out some things like email for privacy…so these screenshots should be kosher).

The following screenshots detail where I got the full version 3.3.3 from:

Do the steps outlined in following 3 screenshots via SSH access (which you need to enable on the EX2 from the settings first, if you have not enabled it yet):

Then do the following setup from a browser pointing to http://[LAN IP address of EX2]/Joomla/ :

The following were just some post-install screenshots to show a successful Joomla install on the latest firmware running on my EX2 at the time:

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Hello, thanks for your answer … but how can I access to SSH ? How use it ? I don’t know SSH.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry - explaining SSH in detail is beyond the scope of a Joomla discussion. But very briefly, SSH is a secure (i.e encrypted) way to communicate (issue commands and receive responses) with a Unix or Linux server by running an SSH client like PuTTY on Windows (on Macs there is a built-in SSH client called Terminal) that talks to a SSH server on the server (EX2). You will have to google to read up more on it.

I just came back to mention one important thing I forgot to mention earlier…which is, IF you have previously installed any version of Joomla on your EX2 (including the stale version bundled with EX2), you will have to drop (purge) all joomla tables from the MySQL database first before doing the fresh install.

And there may be some other important info in this 1-1/2 yr old post of mine - although the Joomla version I discussed in that post is very stale and is discontinued at this point -> Need help with Joomla install

That does not work with the latest version of Joomla 3.8x

I was able to install Joomla 3.9.5 stable using basically the procedure put in by cybernut here, with one exception/warning. Php on the ex4100 is 5.4.45 which is obsolete.
I don’t know how to upgrade php on the ex4100, and I’m leary of doing it for fear of breaking it’s real purpose as a NAS. Thoughts?

Did you ever get an answer here?

I have to say that I regret the day I purchased my PR4100. The lack of app support by WD borders on being illegal…

You guys are just a bunch of hardware selling pieces ■■■■ that have “0” commitment to people who pay REALLY GOOD MONEY to find out that nothing works, there’s no support for users, and there are generally no updates to CRITICAL APPS…

For god’s sake, if WD knows how to get a new software image that has a user friendly interface, an ability to update, and install anything I want that’s available to Linux users on top of your otherwise decent hardware.

WD strands purchasers by requiring their complete piece of ■■■■ OS/APP layer to maintain the warranty, yet WD provides exactly Jack-sht for software support. I’ve been trying to get Joomla working on my PR4100 for THREE FCKING YEARS!!! Three years, I’ve been looking around in my spare time to figure out my way around this piece of SH*T purchase …
So I can’t replace the OS and run something decent because of the warranty, and WD runs ■■■■ APPS that don’t run.

IS WD trying to reduce our usage of their drives by making the APPS ■■■■ and NOT RUN, that way they lower repair/return rates so they can ■■■■ other SUCKERS into their money making BLLSHT machine.

When I called and asked for help, I was clearly told that WD doesn’t support any apps that come shipped with the drive. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR WD TO NOT SUPPORT THE APPS THAT COME WITH A DRIVE. ANYTHING ELSE IS COMPLETE HORSHSH*T AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

I will NEVER buy another WD product again. EVER. And they WONDER why they are losing marketshare and selling less drives. Because OTHER MFGS. UNDERSTAND and KNOW THEIR CUSTOMERS PROBLEMS and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY for their PRODUCTS!!!