Update going on for over 24 hours now

Have a My Cloud Home which I RMAd in January and received a replacement and it sat in box till now, now plugged it in and it shows updating firmware for over 24 hours now. Is it safe to unplug and replug now, is there a way to locally flash latest firmware?

There is no method for locally flashing FW on the My Cloud Home (MCH).

You can contact support by Live Chat or file a support ticket for updated instruction on activating a replacement unit.


My Cloud Home Firmware Update Instructions (wd.com)

@NoPlex I doubt they would help me as they device is out of warranty since September.


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@cat0w done and i saw update instructions and update is still ongoing

There is no way to determine that the device is still updating firmware by this description. The procedure is to download the debug_logs.tar and read the device state and firmware OTA update history. WDT support will ask for the logs if you file a support ticket.

That is not how it works. You can get support even if the device is out of warranty. You can certainly ask questions and they will have to answer.

A replacement unit will have warranty on it. It could be up to 2 years. Ask support.

@NoPlex thank you, I will contact support. btw that debug_logs.tar downloads a text file which contains only this

HTTP/1.1 500
Content-Type: text/plain
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2023 13:27:20 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Server: WDLogHttpServer

I will contact support and see what they say

Hi, I have the same problem.
Connected for 48 hours the update continues. After the hard reset, the update has been going on for another 48 hours. Support tells me to wait. Has anyone solved it somehow? No OTA update history found in log

There is nothing to solve and you should return the unit if you are not able to wait usually one week for the device to update to the latest firmware.

WD Support and all the knowledge base and forum discussions have shown that even if the new/replacement My Cloud Home (MCH) is able to open the required ports through the router (i.e., UPnP enabled in a compatible router), the new user may still have to wait up to a week for the multiple firmware updates to take place.

The MCH hardware has not changed in the 6 years since its introduction, but there has been at least 66 different firmwares available and update capable for the device. Only the last few firmwares are now usable for the MCH and most new/replacement MCH are old stocks using obsolete firmwares that must be updated several times before the device is usable.

Hi @NoPlex,
thank you very much. I’ll wait. I was just asking because it’s my second My Cloud Home and the update was quick with the first.

@NoPlex waiting for a week for a firmware update is ridiculous, why offline update isn’t an option when such a drastic firmware update is needed for a device for continuous usage, I will suffer through it but please don’t explain it like it’s normal, and please please don’t say I’m entitled for other options when I have already invested in this one

Seems like there was plenty of opportunity to update the firmware on the My Cloud Home before the old firmware was declared obsolete which caused this situation. If the old firmware wasn’t obsolete, the device could had been functional while newer updates were proceeding. There were multiple notices from Western Digital emails informing users of impending changes in the firmware.

I don’t owe you any explanation on behalf of Western Digital. You should be asking and complaining to WDT tech support as I have suggested in the first place.

Just an update for everyone who’s following, it’s been a week and it’s still updating.

@jassalmithu the same for me. 6 days and the update continues

@micpetti did it work for you?

@jassalmithu no, after 8 days the update didn’t finish and returned it


I am working on this right now