New My Cloud Home does not start / initialize

Hello all,

I bought a My Cloud Home 2 days ago. This connected to my router and hoped that it starts without problems, unfortunately without success.

So I enabled UPnP in the router, set up port forwarding etc…
The device is also displayed in the router and the LEDs on the back of the device are also green, which means there should be a network connection.

I can also access the debug logs with the browser. And have the device already reset several times, unfortunately without success. The device pulses slowly after startup but does not stop. When I unplug the network cable, the slow pulsing turns into a fast one. My guess is that maybe the firmware version is too old? Unfortunately I have not found a way to manually update the firmware.

I am now a little desperate, since I have tried everything from my point of view, maybe someone else has an idea? I also have some debug logs, but couldn´t upload them, as my account is freshly new, but i already check them and the only “interesting” thing for me is this:

E restsdk : {"corid":"rmo:skMeiU3dtGIgvARL4qNG","file":"monitor.go","fn":"Error","gitTime":1563996580,"githash":"d200f73","importPath":"vendor/","line":686,"msgid":"error","trace":[{"importPath":"vendor/","file":"auth0.go","fn":"(*Auth0Client).ClientGrantWithCustomClaims","line":590,"message":"vendor/ RespToError(), HTTP/1.1 401 \r\nTransfer-Encoding: chunked\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\nContent-Type: application/json\r\nDate: Sat, 29 Jul 2023 15:52:51 GMT\r\nVary: Origin\r\nVary: Access-Control-Request-Method\r\nVary: Access-Control-Request-Headers\r\n\r\n7a\r\n{\"error\":\"invalid_token\",\"error_description\":\"Auth ClientID and Secret don't match for: p2HXUGM2gNj0v7ySLPTr91bWXQdaYGDF\"}\r\n0\r\n\r\n"},{"importPath":"vendor/","file":"auth.go","fn":"(*Auth).Token","line":190},{"importPath":"internal/cloud/auth","file":"auth.go","fn":"(*CachingService).Token","line":167},{"importPath":"internal/cloud/device","file":"device.go","fn":"(*Service).Register","line":306},{"importPath":"internal/api","file":"api.go","fn":"(*API).register.func2","line":1680,"message":"00:00:c0:1e:b4:1a"},{"importPath":"internal/api","file":"api.go","fn":"(*API).register","line":1726}]}

and maybe this, but this looks normal for me…

2023-07-29T16:13:02.247Z  3847  3861 D com.wdc.kamino.ConfigService.Utils: Device ID  : null
2023-07-29T16:13:07.250Z  3847  3861 D com.wdc.kamino.ConfigService.Utils: Response Code : 200
2023-07-29T16:13:07.250Z  3847  3861 D com.wdc.kamino.ConfigService.Utils: Response  : {"idleTime":2384.884519578,"ready":false,"storage":{"capacity":1922681166480,"used":2362560512},"boot":{"type":"none","time":"2014-01-01T00:00:12.478693252Z"},"disk":{"mode":"single","status":"active"},"features":{"hwTranscoding":true,"usbPort":true,"bluetooth":false,"wifi":false,"ethernetPort":true,"multiDrive":false,"powerButton":false},"gitHash":"d200f73311453481c438d55af8f1e18d31a70d51"}


installation-guide-my-cloud-home.pdf (SECURED) (

My Cloud Home (

WD Documentation (

User Manual link, English

Thx. But i already do everything which is documented in the Manual and it is not working.

All the Knowledge Base instruction on this asks the user to connect to a working internet and wait. …If the firmware does not update, connect the My Cloud Home to a different network.


  1. Ensure the My Cloud Home device is connected to a network router with an active internet conneciton.

  2. Reboot the My Cloud Home to trigger an Over The Air (OTA) firmware update process.
    The firmware update should occur within the next 24 hours.

When the firmware update occurs, the My Cloud Home an email and mobile app firmware update notification will be sent.
If the firmware does not update, connect the My Cloud Home to a different network.

and not to keep resetting the update process


  • Automatic firmware updates are enabled on the My Cloud Home and cannot be disabled
  • Firmware updates are provided Over The Air (OTA) when a new update is available
  • The Upgrade process cannot be delayed, paused, stopped, halted or reversed
  • Access to content and data on the My Cloud Home will not be possible during the Upgrade process
  • Please wait for the upgrade to complete
  • Do not reboot, reset, or power off
  • Do not pin reset or “System Erase”
  • Do not demote the “Device Owner”

All the forum discussions on this says to wait (sometimes 7 days or more)


Jul '22

If everything is configured correctly and the port is available, then in the logs where errors are found in the wdc folder, the ota line should display the message timeout of the waiting time has passed type … Then leave it without touching it for a couple of days and it will update … If there are errors in the ota line, then the update will not pass, the port or address error will be written …this is all in the logs