Universal remote for all my other WD, Vizio, and Dish QUESTION

 have the WD Live TV remote, my vizio hdtv remote and Dish network remote.

Can anyone recommend the best universal remote to handle all three of these?

Try asking in the LiveTV forums:


For years the best kept secret in learning IR remotes has been the Sony RM-VL600.Not completely secret … Engadget ranked it 9/10.  It’s killer feature besides compatibility is macros:12 15-keystroke macro buttons, plus every other key (38 in total) can learn a 4 keystroke macro!  Where else can you get 40 macros on a remote that can be had in excellent used condition for under $20!

My VL600s have known or been able to learn all the codes on varied devices (Samsung, Yamaha, Onkyo, Philips, Sharp, Time Warner, Panasonic, WDTV and Sony of course).

My first  was $25 new nine years ago at Circuit City, and today they go for $12-60 on Ebay (new ones fetch a big premium).  I’ve got 7-8 of these scattered around in various rooms of my house, and dread the day when I won’t be able to find another (its replacement the  RM-VLZ620 isn’t as capable).  With the VL600 being so inexpensive, it might be worth a try.  Just check the keys for wear excessive wear and you should be good to go.