Unallocated space on hard disk unable to create partition

Ok so i bought my self this Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB .

Installed Ease partition master home edition .

Created partition of 512 Gb , and then i get a lap of space of the size about 746.52 GB *Unlloacted* , not being able to do anything then "Wipe Data & Partition recovery , view properties .

I’ve also tried via Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > Storage , same result , it’s driving me to insanity :frowning:


Might be a limitation with your motherboard with 3TB hard drives. Check if you have any firmware updates for your motherboard. You can also run a test with DLG.


An MBR partition table can only accommodate 4 primary partitions. If you need additional volumes, then create an extended partition and place your additional logical volumes inside that.

Alternatively, if using Vista or Windows 7, you could choose GPT instead of MBR.