746 GB Unlocated & ERROR CODE:0x80042468

while using two hard disks the total 3TB is getting,but i have only one hard disk which is 3TB .

During installing the OS as well as partition of 3TB into 3 parts it is showing 746 Unallocated error automatically.

I wanna use only one hard drive( W.D 3TB) please give the answer to my problem.

I am also sending to you, the total video & screenshot of my problem check it.Find the problem give solution to me 

ERROR CODE:0x80042468

Does your motherboard support EFI/UEFI boot?

If so, turn it on. If not, you’re out of options… :frowning:

What OS are you installing?

I think you might also need to use a GPT partition table when making the partitions.

Zatick is correct.

Here is a Microsoft link on this error message.


You cannot partition more than 2.2 TB on the drive unless you have an UEFI BIOS, and create a GPT partition. Windows Vista and 7 cannot boot from a GPT partition unless the system has a UEFI BIOS. There are some work-arounds out there, but they impose a performance hit, and I’m not sure they work with WD drives. In any case, they only allow a secondary partition to be created from space above 2.2 TB.

My motherboard supported UEFI boot, its enable already

I am using windwos 8 32bit OR 64bit  OS

Please solution to me  via mail

my mail ch.maheshkumar90@gmail.com

its sloution not work …!


You must use 64 bit Windows for the drive to partition correctly to the full capacity.

With the BIOS set to UEFI, start the Windows 8 64 bit Setup (boot from DVD.) When you reach the partition and format page of the Setup process, select each of the existing partitions and delete them. You should end up with the entire disk showing as Unallocated. If you are making a single partition of the disk, click on New and proceed with the default values. If you wish to divide the drive into more than one partition, enter the amount of space you want your System partition to have and proceed to format the partition. Please note that at least one additional partition will be created at the start of the disk. This will only consume a few hundred megabytes, and it is required for proper operation.

If you have created a System partition which is less than the full capacity, you should now be able to proceed with Setup, or you can partition and format the remaining space. If you proceed without partitioning the remaining space you can take care of it in Disk Management after Setup is complete.